Toyger Cat Price, History & Why This “Tiger King” Breed Is Rarest Of Them All

toyger cat price

Have you ever wanted a little tiger in your home that would fill you with love and affection? This may now be possible with the Toyger cat breed. Toyger cats are a new breed of cats; they resemble a miniature tiger and can be domesticated as a pet. They do not have any wild stock in them and they were developed to create a cat that looks like a wild tiger but has the temperament of a domestic cat.

With a fierce appearance and adorable personality, the Toyger cat is the perfect blend of big cat looks in a small, domesticated body. Many people around the world are interested in this breed. If you are a Toyger cat lover and want to share your life with this adorable breed, read on. Because in this article, we are going to take a look at everything you ever wanted to know about Toyger cats, so that if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, you will fully appreciate how awesome Toyger cats are.

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History and origin of Toyger cats

The Toyger cat is one of the newest breeds of cats. It resembles a wild tiger in appearance while being a fully domesticated cat. Toygers was initially called the “Californian Toy”. The Toyger name is a blend word of “toy” and “tiger”. The developers of Toyger cats wanted a cat that looked like a tiger.

Judy Sugden, the daughter of Jan Mill, the original breeder of the Bengal cat, was responsible for the early development of the Toyger in 1980. Sugden, also a breeder, was working with mackerel tabbies, often known as tiger-striped with an “M” pattern on the forehead when she noticed that her tiger-striped cat had two spots similar to the circular pattern seen on a tiger’s head instead of having an “M” pattern.

Sugden began a breeding program with two cats; a domestic shorthair cat called Scrapmetal with a big-boned Bengal called Millwood Rumpled Spotskin. Another breeder who also participated in the Sugden breeding program was Alice McKee. In 1993, Judy imported a Jammie Blu kitten from Kashmir, India. It had all the spots between the ears, as an alternative to the usual tabby lines.

Also, in 1993, the International Cat Association accepted Toyger for registration only. The breed is now listed as a championship breed in the association. And Sugden is also the founder and driving force behind the Toyger Cat Association.

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Physical characteristics of Toyger cats

Toyger cats are muscular, medium-sized cats with dramatic tiger-like stripes. The structure of the female body is different from that of the male due to its smaller complexion and its oval-shaped head. The Toyger cat’s head is medium in size with a deep, long, and well-defined cylindrical snout.

Their ears are round and small, with small and deep colors eyes. The Toyger’s nose is long, round, and wide in shape. They have long and fine tails with a blunt tip.

In addition to the sports spherical markings on their heads, Toyger’s coats are smooth, short, shiny, and reddish with pronged vertical lines, typical of wild tigers. These lines are usually brown, though they can be tan or black. Their long shoulders and muscular build give them a stocky and lean appearance.

The Temperament of Toyger Cats

 The Toygers have gentle, calm temperaments; they are very playful and friendly and can adapt very well to the presence of other pets and people in the house. Their temperament makes them suitable for large families, particularly those where there is always someone at home. And they don’t like being home alone, being a breed that forms strong bonds with family members and other pets in the house.

Although they are an outgoing and sociable cat breed, they tend to get used to routines, so they are sullen when they have to change their habits for no obvious reason. Toyger cats love to play outside, especially if the activities are in the water. They can learn very quickly and it is convenient to keep them occupied with toys that stimulate their mental abilities. This way, they will stay distracted enough and constantly active.

Toyger cats are energetic enough to play fetch and other interactive games. They are outgoing enough to walk on a leash and confident enough to get along with friendly dogs and other cats.

Toyger Cat Price, History & Why This "Tiger King" Breed Is Rarest Of Them All
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Toyger Coat Color

Toyger cat looks like a little tiger. Among all the species of domestic cats in the world, Toygers are the most similar to the wild tiger. The base of their coat color can be reddish-brown, brown, or dark orange, with dark tabby lines all over their body, and circular markings on their head. To make their thick, silky coats to be shiny, they should be brushed weekly. Their large round eyes come in colors ranging from light hazel to dark brown.

Toyger Cats Health and Life Expectancy

Although Toyger cats are relatively healthy, certain health problems can affect them at some point. Just as humans have the potential to inherit a particular disease; all cats have the potential to develop hereditary health problems. Avoid any breeder who does not offer a health guarantee of the kittens. Toygers are healthy, but they can suffer from heart murmurs, this condition is the result of unstable blood flow to the heart. Peritonitis is another common infection associated with this breed; this is often a serious viral illness that attacks a cat’s white blood cells. To avoid this condition, it is best to have your cat checked regularly.

It’s okay to say that Toyger cat health problems are not as common as those of other breeds. But, it is important to take your cat for regular checkups to make sure they are healthy and have no hidden illnesses. The average life expectancy of a Toyger cat is 10 to 15 years. The exact lifespan of each Toyger cat will depend on their overall health and whether they are indoor or outdoor cats.

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Toyger Cat Price

One important aspect to consider when buying a Toyger cat is the Toyger cat Price. If you want to have this adorable breed in your home, then you should know that Toygers rare breed. There are only a few registered Toyger breeders worldwide, it can be a bit difficult to find one of these kittens. With its rarity comes the high price, so you should expect a Toyger cat to cost anywhere from $500 to $5,000, depending on the Toyger quality you prefer.

The Toyger price will greatly depend on few things like the marking, bloodline, the parents, the type, the breeder, and the quality. The cost is generally based on the quality of the kittens you want to purchase, like if it is a show quality, pet quality, or breeding quality. Toyger kitten prices generally tend to be on the higher end. 

Also, the amount needed to acquire a Toyger cat depends on where you are going to get your cat from. If you choose to get your Toyger cat from a reputable breeder, you should be preparing a bigger amount. But, if you are going to get it from a rescue center, it will cost you less because you will be adopting the cat. Also, you still need to consider the following expenses for keeping Toyger cats.

The Expense For Keeping a Toyger Cat

Apart from the actual price of owning a Toyger cat, you should also consider the basic expenses of keeping Toyger cats. The following are some considerations that may help know the right price of a Toyger cat.

Spay/Neuter: Spaying your Toyger cat can cost you about $100 if your cat is healthy. However, if your cat has health complications, it can cost you up to $200. 

Food: Cat food prices change from time to time depending on the price of raw materials. You should keep up to date on price changes at your local supermarket.

Medical Care: Vaccinations and veterinary care are other important considerations. Work with your vet on the payment methods you will be comfortable with. This can also include potential emergency care, supplements, hospitalization, and other medications. This is a very important factor in determining a Toyger cat price. Vaccines may cost around $40- $60 while deworming and flea medication may cost around $20.

Grooming, Training, and Other Costs: This is a must to make sure your Toyger cat stays clean and learns how to behave properly, especially in the bathroom. Having a well-trained and clean Toyger cat can be quite a bit expensive, but it’s worth it. It can cost about $20 to groom and train your kitten. You may need several accessories for your new cat. Accessories like a scratching post, a litter box, and a crate can cost about $80 altogether.

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The Basics of Toyger Grooming

Toyger cats require weekly grooming – brush, or comb your cat’s hair to keep it shiny and healthy. Other grooming needs of a Toyger cat require trimming of nails regularly, usually once a week, and cleaning of their ears if they look dirty. Clean them with cotton balls moistened with a mild ear cleaner recommended by your veterinarian.

You can also brush your cat’s teeth frequently with veterinarian-approved pet toothpaste for general good health and fresh breath. Start these activities early so that your kitten is comfortable with these grooming activities.

Toygers With Children And Other Pets

Toyger cats are a very friendly breed; they are known to get along well with children and other pets. This makes them an excellent choice for families with children. While they don’t mean any harm, they can get a bit boisterous, so playtime with kids should always be supervised. Each cat will have unique behavior; therefore, you should evaluate each Toyger individually before allowing them to be around little kids or pets.

Their playful and social personalities also let them get along very well with other pets such as dogs. Nevertheless, caution should be exercised when introducing a Toyger with a dog.

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Food And Nutrition For Toyger Cats

When it comes to diet and nutrition, this breed does not require any special dietary requirements. It’s all about feeding them high-quality dry and wet food that is high in protein, just like you would any other breed of cat. And since cats have low thirst drive, it is important to keep them hydrated by providing them with clean, fresh water. We recommend that you invest in a cat water fountain.

Remember that cats are obligate carnivores and therefore need a diet rich in good quality animal protein. Many commercial cat foods contain plant-based protein, which is not good for cats because it can be difficult to digest and cause stomach problems. Make sure the foods you serve your Toyger cat contain protein from animal sources as the first ingredient on the list. Cats need about 50 percent of their calories from protein and at least 30 percent from fat.

Toyger cats are not very active pets and therefore can be prone to being overweight. We don’t recommend giving them table scraps, too many treats, or feeding them too much.

Where to get a Toyger cat

There are currently about 400 Toygers around the world. It can be a bit difficult to find a Toyger breeder. With such small numbers, it may be a bit difficult to get this special breed easily. You may be able to get a thoroughbred Toyger cat through a breeder in your area, but if you prefer, you can adopt from a rescue organization.

Toyger cats are hard to find and quite expensive, and if you are fortunate to get one, they make a wonderful and eye-catching pet. Their high intellect makes them easy to train. They enjoy their owner’s company and do not enjoy being left alone for a long time. Toygers are not too clingy or needy cats and are happy as long as you are around them.


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Toyger cats are playful and friendly towards their owners. They have a bright and awesome personality. If you want to own a unique-looking cat with unique attributes, you should try your best to get your hands on a Toyger cat.

As mentioned before, these cats are rare and the Toyger cat price tends to be at the higher end of the spectrum relative to most cat breeds. However, this miniature tiger is a beauty and will for sure stand out among every other cat breed. Find a reputable breeder and do your research if you are interested in purchasing a Toyger. 

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