Munchkin Cat Price (2021) – Are They Worth The Hefty Price Tag?

Munchkin Cat Price

Many of us dream of having a kitten that never gets old and remains small and cute throughout its life. Thanks to the work of American breeders, the dream has now come true with the Munchkin cat, also known as a miniature cat. This cat is a pretty new cat breed that is distinguished by its short legs, which is as a result of a genetic mutation. There is more to this short-legged cat than its small stature – the Munchkin cat price tag is also very hefty. In the following article, we will take a look at what makes these cats so expensive, as well as the typical Munchkin cat price.

The strange look of these cats does not in any way affect their confidence and friendly nature. Munchkin cats love playing and wrestling with friends just like any other cat. They have been nicknamed the magpies of the feline species thanks to their habit of borrowing shiny objects and stashing them to play with later. In addition to their playful nature, they have a hunting instinct and will chase mice and other moving objects.

Munchkins get all its features from its compact size. Its figure is well balanced, and their muscles and bones are well developed. It has a broad, round chest, a muscular neckline. The Munchkin has a smooth triangular head, rounded skull, and forehead. These distinct features are another reason for the high Munchkin cat price. Their eyes are very expressive and round. Their ears are separated from each other, broader at the base, and have rounded tips. The  coat of a Munchkin cat can be short or medium in length depending on the case. They come with a variety of coat colors and patterns including calico, tortoiseshell, pointed, tuxedo, brindle, and bi-color.

Munchkin Cat Price (2021) - Are They Worth The Hefty Price Tag?
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The origin of Munchkin cats

The Munchkin cat mutation was first discovered in the United States around 1983. This cat breed is considered modern, and first appeared in the United States. Sandra Hochenedel, a breeder from Louisiana, discovered a pregnant stray cat with very short legs. She named her Blackberry and half of her kittens was born with short legs. Hochenedel gave one of the short-legged male kittens from a Blackberry litter to Kay LaFrance of Monroe, Louisiana, who named the kitten Toulouse. Today, it is believed that all Munchkins breed are descendants of Blackberry and the Toulouse litter.

Although cats with similar characteristics were discovered in England in the 1930’s and in Russia in the 1950’s, at that time no one had thought of developing the breed. The breed is not recognized in the UK by the UK Cat Fancy Associations, the only registries that recognize the breed presently are the TICA and the South African Cat Council.

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Characteristics of a Munchkin cat

Munchkin cats are affectionate, lively, playful, calm, and very sociable. They need to move around like any other cat breed. They love to play and run around. Even with their short legs, Munchkins can still jump, but just not as high as compared with other breeds. Munchkins will keep this personality throughout their life. And since they cannot jump very high, they like to sneak and run after their toys at full speed. They can easily socialize with other family pets like dogs, other cats, and also work well with children.

Munchkins like their space and like to be respected. They usually get attached to their owners and has great affection for them; Munchkins are friendly and gentle and will hop up on the owner’s lap to be cuddled. One good thing about the Munchkin cat is that it looks like a kitten and will remain like that for life. Munchkins with shorthair coats generally spot medium plush coats, while those with long hair coats generally come with semi-long silk coats. With this in mind, they don’t require much grooming. Brushing your short-haired cat once every week and long-haired cat twice a week is usually enough.

These cats are also very energetic and will always explore their surroundings. They like to play with both adults and kids, and will hardly use their claws. Munchkins are gentle, patient, cute, and love to be cuddled and pet. But their gentle and loving nature puts them in danger with stray cats and dogs. It is better to keep them indoors for safety reasons.

Health-wise, they are generally healthy; they do not suffer from any spine and hip problems, which may be one reason the Munchkin cat price is on the high side. However, it is still important to make sure you get your cat from breeders with a written health guarantee. And to keep your cat in good health, make sure you take measures that will protect your cat from obesity problems; watch your feline pal’s diet to help them maintain a proper weight.

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Munchkin Cat Price

Munchkin cats are among the most charming cats in the United States. They are very popular with a lot of cat lovers around the world because they are adorable, comical, and friendly. The average Munchkin cat price from a reputable breeder is $1,000 per kitten, but the price varies depending on many factors. The following is a breakdown of the Munchkin cat price for your reference.

Female Munchkin Cat Price – $600 to $1,800

Male Munchkin Cat Price – $500 to $1,500

Munchkin Kittens – $900 to $3,000

Calico Munchkin – $1,000

White Wish Munchkin – $1,300

White Blue-Eyed Munchkin – $1,600

Show Quality Munchkin Cat Price  – $2,000

Almost all cat breeds can be given the Munchkin genes and as you can see the Munchkin cat price is generally on the high side. Munchkins are in high demand and any breed with the Munchkin gene will be in high demand as well. Remember, as with all things in life, these are advertised prices and breeders are willing to bargain, especially if you are a serious buyer and show that you will take good care of their cat.

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Factors that affect the Munchkin cat price

Just like Persians, white, long hair breeds with blue eyes, Munchkins are in high demand in America. Because of the difficulty in getting Munchkin cat of these traits, the Munchkin cat price is high similar to Persians, Bengals, British Shorthairs, American Curls, and Russian Blues. The following are other factors that can affect the Munchkin cat price.

Color: Although the color preference of the cat will depend on the buyer, solid colors like white are in high demand, which can make breeders raise their asking price. Also, people tend to prefer cats with blue eyes, so they are willing to pay more for cats with blue eyes.

Munchkin Legs: Munchkin cat legs are another factor that influences the Munchkin cat price. The shorter the cat’s legs, the higher the price, and this is because cats with Munchkin traits are more desirable to the potential cat owner. Short legs are among the major factors that determine the Munchkin cat price.  This breed is in high demand for this attribute and buyers are willing to pay more for legs that most cat owners would consider almost too short for a cat.

Gender: This is another factor that influences the price of most pets, including the Munchkin cat. Females that can produce more Munchkins tend to have a higher price tag. Breeders tend to charge a higher premium for female Munchkins that have not been spayed because they are in high demand. It makes sense that they want a higher premium to give away their adorable cats.

Breeder Reputation and Experience: Passionate and established breeders spend thousands of dollars to take good care of the cats. Therefore, the more popular and experience the breeder is, the more expensive the cats will be.

Coat: Cats with uncommon coats tend to be more expensive, regardless of breed. So, don’t be surprised by the higher Munchkin cat price tag for a cat with a Fawn, Chocolate, or Cinnamon coat.

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Maintenance costs of owning a Munchkin cat

The Munchkin cat price is not the only thing you have to consider when planning to get this short legged cat. As a cat owner, you also need to consider the additional costs that come with owning a cute Munchkin cat. In addition to the cost of purchase, there are also other costs that you may want to consider, although most of these costs may be the same for other cat breeds. Owning a Munchkin cat can be a bit expensive when considering the following cost:

Food cost: There are different types of cat foods on the market, and the price varies depending on your choice. On average, expect to spend around $300 to $700 per year on cat food. Munchkin cats can live between 12 to 15 years, but will depend on their diet and lifestyle.

Veterinary Cost: Probably the biggest cost for maintaining a Munchkin cat is the one you can’t expect: the Veterinary Cost. In addition to vaccinations and regular checkups, the cost of vet care if they are sick or have an accident can run into the thousands. Many cat owners choose to get pet insurance to help take care of the costs or save a little money in case of an emergency situation. You can anticipate spending at least $50 – $100 per month for vet visits.

Insurance cost: You should consider pet insurance. Although it might cost you some extra dollars now, it can save you expensive vet bills in the long run. Depending on the plan you choose, pet insurance providers generally cost between $7 and $100.

 Grooming costs: Munchkin cats don’t shed much, so for those with short hair, occasional brushing is okay. But when it comes to brushing long hair, grooming should be done two times a week. To keep your cat’s coat in good condition regular grooming is essential. This is one reason a visit to a professional cat groomer can cost you some cash. Although taking your cat to a professional groomer all the time is not necessary. You can get a good-quality brush for your cat.

Munchkin Cat Price (2021) - Are They Worth The Hefty Price Tag?
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Munchkin Cat Buying Guide

A Munchkin cat can cost you several hundred dollars. So, if you want to buy one make sure you are very careful. Choose a breeder carefully and be sure their cats have been well looked after. Buy from a breeder who will provide the health guarantee document of the cat.

Personally examine the cat you want to buy and make sure the cat looks healthy and has a good temperament.

Many breeders don’t like to include the Munchkin cat price on their pages. They usually post the photo of the cat or kitten, but when it comes to cost, they prefer to discuss this privately. Use this opportunity to meet the breeder. Feel free to bargain with the breeder, because once they know that you are a serious buyer and will take good care of their cat, they may cut down the price a bit.

Below are some good resources to find reputable breeders.

Munchkin Cat Price (2021) - Are They Worth The Hefty Price Tag?
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Though Munchkin cats are very expensive, they can make a great pet. Their soft coat, charming nature and interesting personality make them one of the most admired cat breeds in the world. They are sociable, intelligent, friendly, and great to be around. With their friendly personality, they worth every penny you spend on them. Munchkin cats love to explore the world around them and will get along with every member of your house. They are naturally fun-loving, and often happy to play with kids, other cats, and even friendly dogs.

If you are thinking of acquiring this adorable creature, do not let the high Munchkin cat price tag scare you because the joy that your feline pal will bring to your home far exceeds any amount you spend on them. And remember the Munchkin cat price depends on where you are going to get your cat from. If you are buying from a reputable breeder, you should be expecting a higher price tag. But, if you are lucky, you can get it for less if you are good at bargaining.

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Munchkin Cat Price
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