Maine Coon Colors – The 20 Most Official With Stunning Images

maine coon colors

Maine Coon Cats are beautiful creatures that come in all sorts of colors and sizes. They are currently one of the most popular breeds in the United States, and rightfully so. They have an exotic look, have quite the intellect and come in a variety of colors.

In this post, we plan to list some of the most popular maine coon colors, while also identifying how the Cat Fancier’s Association describes these cats. From solid coats, to the tabby to the mackarel, there are a number of cool and unique maine coon colors for you to choose from. If your interested in getting a maine coon, or simply just want to see some majestic and beautiful cats, keep reading below. 

Solid Maine Coon Colors

A solid Main Coon cat will have their whole coat with a single color, and will not have any patches or stripes similar to a tabby. Solid maine coon colors are more rare to come by, thus increasing their price tag. Below are the few Maine Coon cat colors accepted by the Cat Fanciers Association.

White Maine Coon

white maine coon cat
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Listed at The Cat Fancier’s Association as pure glistening white, the white maine coon cat generally has copper or green color eyes. These cats come with a risk of potentially becoming deaf. However, the white maine coon cat is surely a majestic and pure looking creature, that is coveted by many. 

Black Maine Coon

pictures black maine coon cats
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For a breeder to have a black Maine Coon, both parents of this particular color must have the dominant black gene. In genetics, this black gene is represented by a B, and it’s often a stronger gene. Whereas a b represents a recessive gene. The Black Maine Coon cat is fairly expensive when compared with other Maine Coon colors, and can run you anywhere from $1,000-$2,000. 

Blue Maine Coon

grey maine coon cat
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Also known as the Grey Maine Coon cat, the Blue Maine Coon has a blue hue to them due to their deep grey coats. They are typically referred to as gray because it is a diluted form of black by the existence of certain genes. The CFA recognizes Blue Maine Coon’s as having one color from their nose to the tip of their tail. An easy way to spot a Blue Maine Coon cat is to look at the tail – if you see a grey color, you are most likely looking at a Blue Maine Coon cat. 

Red Maine Coon

red maine coon cat
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Red Maine Coons can also be known as Orange Maine Coons or Ginger Maine Coons. However, the Cat Fanciers Association only recognizes the red maine coon color and it is considered as one of the most distinct colors for this breed. They usually come with a few variations of the red color, and they are known to have a pattern resembling an M on their forehead.

Cream Maine Coon

cream maine coon cat
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Our last on the list of solid maine coon colors is the cream maine coon cat. According to the Cat Fanciers Association, this cats cream color is a solid buff color, while they have a pink nose and paws. 

Tabby Maine Coon Colors

A tabby is not considered a breed of cat, but is a coat pattern seen in most domestic cat breeds. A tabby will have an M shaped mark on their forehead, stripes near their eyes, cheeks and back, and also on its legs and tail, making them some of the most unique maine coon colors. On their body, you will typically see a variety of patterns from stripes to bands to swirls. Tabby Maine Coon cats are some of the most popular, and tend to be the less expensive when compared to other maine coon colors. 

Classic tabby’s have stripes on their face, and swirls on their body. Mackerel tabby’s have stripes that branch out of their body along with a single stripe that runs down their spine. 

Classic Tabby Maine Coon Colors

Red Classic Tabby Maine Coon

red tabby maine coon
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Red classic tabby maine coons are beautiful creatures. Red tabby’s if you haven’t noticed generally tend to be male, since the genes tied to this color are predominately seen in males. Red Tabby Maine Coons will have either copper or gold eyes, and their paws and nose will be pink or red. 

Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon

brown tabby maine coon
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The CFA lists brown classic tabby maine coon’s as having a “brilliant” copper brown color, with dense black markings. Their hind legs are black or brown from their paws to their heel.

Silver Classic Tabby Maine Coon

silver tabby maine coon
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Silver classic tabby maine coon’s have a pale or silver base maine coon color. Their marking are usually dense black with some white around their lips and chin area. Their paw pads will have a black color. 

Blue Classic Tabby Maine Coon

primordial pouch
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A blue classic tabby maine coon will have a pale blue/ivory color for their base. Their paw pads and nose will be close to a rose color, while there are fawn or patina colors throughout their body. 

Cream Classic Tabby Maine Coon

cream tabby maine coon
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The ground color on a cream classic maine coon tabby will be a pale cream with pink nose and paw pads. Along with brown, cream is one of the most common colors found amongst maine coon cats.

Fun Fact: When it comes to cats, there are really only three colors – black, red & white. Each cats color is some sort of mixture of these three colors. 

Other Maine Coon Colors

Brown Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon

brown mackerel tabby maine coon
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Brown mackerel tabby maine coon cats are similar in color to the brown classic tabby, but have stripes that run down their spine as well branch out their body. These maine coon colors are some of the most popular amongst this breed of cat.

White Silver Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon

silver mackerel tabby maine coon
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This silver & white maine coon is simply beautiful. With their stunning copper colored eyes, this mackerel color combination sure makes for a majestic and exotic looking cat. 

Black Silver Tabby Maine Coon

black silver tabby maine coon
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Black silver tabby maine coons are one of the many silver maine coon colors. Typically, this cat has certain areas that are white, black and grey or silver. 

Blue Silver Tabby Maine Coon

blue silver tabby maine coon
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WOW! That’s pretty much my reaction looking at this amazing blue silver tabby maine coon. These cats have a pale or silver ground color, with deep blue markings. They will also have some white trim surrounding their lips and chin, while having a rose colored nose and paw pad. 

Tortoiseshell Maine Coon

tortoiseshell maine coon
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The Tortoiseshell maine coon, also known as the “torti” maine coon for short is comprised of two different colors that are not white. Typically, you will see 2 different maine coon colors on their facial region. The patches seen can be either orange, yellow or cream, white the “black” areas can be either blue, grey, chocolate or tabby. Tortoiseshell maine coons that have tabby as one of their colors are typically referred to as “torbies”. 

Tortoiseshell & White Maine Coon

torti white maine coon
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The tortoiseshell and white maine coon is a bi-colored combination for maine coon colors. Tortoiseshell is typically a mix of two colors other than white. However, this combination has white on their bellies, neck area and on all four paws

Black Smoke Maine Coon

black smoke maine coon
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Black smokey Maine Coons are the some of the more popular versions of the black maine coon.  These cats have black color on their tip of their coats. However, as you get closer to their bodies, the black color fades away, and it’s often lighter. They’re overall appearance can make their fur look dark grey. 

Red White Maine Coon

red white maine coon
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As the name states, the red & white maine coon is a bi-colored maine coon cat. The CFA states this cat must have a combination of both red and white, but does not need to have white on their face. However, on their bib, belly & four paws, they must have white to be considered a red white maine coon. This is one of my favorite combination of maine coon colors, since it combines a luxurious white with a ginger/red base color. 

Cream White Maine Coon

cream white maine coon
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The cream & white maine coon is another one of the main coon colors that are awesome. This bi-colored combines cream and white and does not need to have white on their faces, according to the Cat Fancier’s Association. They however must have white on their bibs, belly & all four of their little paws.

Red Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon

red mackerel maine coon
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The red mackerel tabby maine coon has beautiful white stripes that run along their red coats, along with stripes that branch out. This specific cat has some cool looking green eyes. This color combination is surely not as rare, but they are definitely an awesome and unique looking cat. 


As you can see, there a number main coon colors that are both exquisite and beautiful. The maine coon cat is a majestic and exotic cat, that has a price tag to boot. However, the solid coat colors are generally more expensive as they are more rare. 

Maine Coon cats come in all sorts and sizes, including the tabby maine coon, mackerel maine coon and even the smoke and bi-colored maine coon. No matter which color option you decide to go with, know that these creatures are both intellectual, exotic and loyal cats that will make for a great family pet. To read more on my series on maine coon cats, check out my posts on The Black Maine Coon, The Orange Maine Coon & The Grey Maine Coon

maine coon colors
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