The Lilac Point Siamese Cat 2021 – Every Glorious Reason Why You Need One

Lilac Point Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are a beloved breed mainly due to their affectionate nature as well as their captivating, beautiful features. They are also quite famous for their variations in coat color. However, the most famous Siamese cat is the Lilac Point Siamese cat. They were first discovered in the 1960s.

Due to their freakish exterior, many refused to acknowledge this breed when compared with other breeds of Siamese cats. But with time, they finally gained proper recognition in 1955 in the U.S. and in 1960 in Britain.

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Lilac Siamese
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Lilac Point Siamese Cat Origins

The Siamese cat is one of the oldest breeds of Asia. It is a descendant of the Wichianmat, which is one of the many breeds native to Thailand (Thailand was formerly known as Siam, which is origin of the Siamese name).

It quickly became one of the most popular cat breeds in North America during the late 19th century. The first documented Siamese cat that landed in America was in 1878, to former president Rutherford B. Hates.

The Siamese cat also became quickly popular in England during the late 1800’s. These cats were different and exotic, since they had longer bodies, and their heads were less rounded with big ears. Throughout the following years, breeders started bringing in more and more Siamese to create a breeding pool in England.

Siamese cats are known as what is called the foundation stock of many other breeds created by crossbreeding with other cats. A foundation stock is essentially a starting point for a new breed. Some descendants of the Siamese cat include the hairless Sphinx, the Oriental Shorthair, the Himalayan, and the Cornish Rex, which are all currently popular cat breeds. The long hair version of the Siamese is known as the Balinese cat.  

It is only in recent times that the lilac point cat has been given the love and importance that they currently hold. Almost 6 to 7 decades back, these cats were known for being freaks of nature. But slowly they gained fame in Britain and the US and are currently one of the most favored cats to them as well.

Out of the four variations of Siamese cats, the Lilac Siamese cat and the Blue Point Siamese are very rarely found. Nonetheless, while comparing cats based on their color points, the Lilac Siamese cat and the Lilac Point Balinese are the lightest and rarest forms of this species.

Siamese cats were known to have royal stature in olden times. They were treated on the level of God by many in Thailand. Those people even believed that the soul would return to these cats after their passing away.

Lilac Point Siamese
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Siamese Cat Color Variations

Siamese cats are very distinct and can easily be distinguished from other cats due to their markings on their face. These color variants are due to the Himalayan gene, which is a type of albinism.

There are only four color variants that are accepted in the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

However, there are over 30 different colors that exist for the Siamese cat; everything from flame point (which I cover in more depth here), to the fawn point to apricot point Siamese cats. The majority of the cat is off-white or creamy white in shade.

However, the color of the lilac point Siamese cat is said to have been derived from the diluted chocolate point which has been modified genetically, even though it may seem to have originated from a Blue Point Siamese cat.

The regions near the ears, tail and paws of the lilac Siamese cat are much cooler, thus causing the release of the pigment in these areas to occur more.

Lilac siamese cat
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Lilac Point Siamese Cat Size & Features

The Lilac point Siamese cat is neither too small nor too big. They weigh 8-12 lbs on average, and can grow up to 8-10 inches tall. They survive for 10-15 years if taken care of properly. There have been some notable exceptions of the cats surpassing 15 years and living up to 20 years. In fact, this breed of Siamese cats are considered to be quite healthy.

The fur on the lilac point siamese cat’s body is made up of small hair strands and it is highly recommended to brush the fur of these animals slowly, at least once a week. It is important to put them on a healthy diet (preferably high quality wet food) for their survival in the long run.

The Lilac Point siamese cat appear to have a blue shade extending from their eyes to their paws. Most of the Siamese cats are well known for their sparkling blue eyes. So, does the Siamese Lilac cat. This one is famous for having a marvelous set of china blue eyes.

The nose of the Siamese Lilac Point as well as the base of its paws is a pretty shade of baby pink. They are blessed with having quite a magnificent shade for their exterior which entails an off-white or Mongolia-colored skin that stays soft as well as pale in shade throughout the span of their lives.

Lilac point cat
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Lilac Point Siamese Cat Personality

Disney seems to be producing movies with affectionate yet dramatic Siamese cats which pretty much shows how much they are adored by cat lovers and others too. They are quite the attention seekers and a great form of company. They are also fairly loud and tend to overact. The energy that is built in them is massive, making it quite tough for the owners to handle on some rare occasions.

However, the main reason why humans are attracted to this breed is due to their friendly nature, the attention that they give, especially for their cuddly nature. Loyalty is one other factor that runs in the Lilac Siamese blood that makes us cherish their company.

The Lilac Point Siamese cat loves to utilize their high energy levels by playing games. They get excited by new surroundings and new items lying around and are constantly found exploring and poking around areas, may they be wanted or unwanted there.

In fact, if they are left all alone with no company for long spans of time, it takes a toll on their health and they often get distressed and depressed.

The gorgeous Lilac Point cats are known for their intellect, which is a common trait most Siamese cats have, which is why they can adapt fairly quickly to new environments

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Blue Point Siamese vs. Lilac Point Siamese Cat

You may assume the names of the cats to be a direct representation of the color that they are, but it isn’t really the reality.  The clear distinction between these two breeds can be made with their silvery grey coat with regard to a lilac point Siamese cat and dark/slate grey for a blue point Siamese cat. It’s understandable why people tend to confuse these two breeds.

blue point vs lilac point
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Cost For A Lilac Point Siamese Cat

To be completely honest, purchasing one of these cats is not a cheap affair. The cost of the Lilac Point Siamese Kitten ranges anywhere from $600-$1200. The cost also depends on where you purchase it from, as a breeder will surely be more expensive

The best investment for Siamese Lilac Point kittens are the premium versions which costs approximately $850-$2000. It is slightly on the expensive end, but this purchase from a reputable breeder helps save other costs in the long run.

Some Interesting Facts about the Lilac Point Siamese Cat

1. These Lilac Point Siamese Cats are also known as a frosty point. This is due to the color of their coat being diluted chocolate point.

2. The color of their coat also depends on the temperature they are surrounded by. It is only once they reach around 4 weeks of age do they start to develop the markings in their skin that differentiates them between the differing breeds. When lilac point siamese kittens are born, they are completely white in color.

The pigments that react to the temperature that is present in their fur enable them to decide what color the cat will turn out to be. The cats exposed to darker temperatures tend to have darker furs while the ones exposed to hot temperatures are usually lighter in shade.

3. This breed of the cat was once known to have hooked tails accompanied by crossed eyes. Though these features got eliminated due to genetic mutation, there is a story behind why they had the hooked tail and crossed eyes.

Apparently, it was believed that the Siamese cats were in charge of guarding a vase that held great value. To protect the vase, they would wrap their tail around it and stare at it for hours together resulting in them getting a hooked tail and crossed eyes.

4. The Siamese Cat Lilac Point, like most Siamese cats faces difficulty in its vision in the dark. Felines are known for their sharp eyesight, especially in the dark, but not this feline. The reason why they aren’t able to see quite well in the dark is primarily due to the pigments present in their striking blue eyes as well as due to the absence of tapetum lucidum, a tissue of the eye.

lilac point kitten
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Final Words

A lilac point kitten is surely an surely an irresistible feline, with their striking features and their chatty nature. The energy that the release towards us humans is divine, keeping us at the company as well as having the benefit of getting free cuddles. Though they may not meet the regular beauty standards of cats, they surely have their own charm with their various shades of blue eyes that are unique to just them and no other cats.

Loyalty is a trait said to be commonly found only in dogs but this breed proves that even cats are pretty loyal to their owners. The company of the Lilac Siamese cat is never boring and their constant eagerness to snoop around along with their intellect makes these creature even more desirable to have.

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Lilac Siamese Cat
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Lilac Point Ragdoll Cat?

A lilac point ragdoll cat is a type of ragdoll cat. Lilac point simply refers to the color variations in their coat, as we saw with the Lilac Point Siamese cats. They do not have any relation to the Lilac Point Siamese cat. 

How long do siamese cats live?

Typically, a siamese cat can live anywhere from 10-15 years. There have been a few accounts of Siamese cats that have lived up to 20 years old. The lifespan of a Siamese cat will depend also on its diet, as feeding a healthy diet to any cat can prolong their life. 

Why Are Siamese Cats So Vocal?

Siamese cats are well known for their low-pitched meow, which many have compared to a baby crying. They may be trying to get your attention, tell you something is wrong, or are simply bored. Siamese cats however are a breed that is known to be vocal. 

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Part Siamese?

Similar to humans, cats can also complete DNA tests to determine their breed and ancestry. The Basepaws Cat DNA Test Kit is simple to use. All you need to do is purchase the kit, swab the inside of your felines mouth and ship it back. These kits are great if you really want to know your cats lineage!

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Lilac Point Siamese Cat
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