How Often Do Cats Pee? 6 Fascinating Facts About Your Awesome Feline

how often do cats pee

When you hear the words cat pee, what first comes to mind? Perhaps smelly carpets and messy litter, right? However, there is more to it than meets the eye. Did you know that your cat’s pee can help you understand its health status? It’s true, however, we cannot use a cat’s pee as a definitive  gauge.

Your cat’s bathroom behaviors however can help you unearth any underlying conditions for your cat, as we are going to learn. So, how often does a cat pee in a day? How often SHOULD a cat pee in a day? Is it necessary for you as a responsible pet owner to monitor these things? Keep reading to see if this something you should be doing regularly.

How Often Do Cats Pee? (Normal Cat)

A healthy cat should pee 2-4 times a day. However, this is an average. What is common and average for your cat may be different for your neighbor’s cat. For example, depending on some factors, your cat may urinate 3 times a day, while your neighbor’s cat may urinate once a day. Consequently, understanding the frequency at which your cat pees can help you know when there may be other health problems present.

For you to know your cats peeing habits, you have to monitor its bathroom frequency for a few days or a week. It’s best you take an average of your cat’s daily urination frequency, as it can swing from day to day. If your unable to do that, you can acquire an automatic litter box that will monitor all your cat’s bathroom behaviors and deliver all the information to your smart phone.

Factors That May Affect How Often Cats Pee

A variety of factors may interrupt cat urination frequency and behaviors, from the food they eat to their age and health conditions.

water intake

Like us human beings, the more water your cat drinks, the more it will need to urinate. It is important your cat stays hydrated throughout the day and is provided fresh water. 

Type of Food

Cats who eat plenty of wet food will tend to have more fluids in their bodies than cats who eat dry food. Wet food typically contains most of the moisture content your cat will need in their diet. 


Young cats tend to pee a lot more because of their high metabolism. Don’t fret if you see your kitten frequent the litter box. 


Stress has an impact on how often your cat pees. Some cats who get stressed may pee several times a day. Whereas, some cats who are stressed may only pee a few times a day. Try to figure out any sources of stress for your cat and try to eliminate them.


Perhaps your cat has been peeing a lot since they started a new medication. This could be the case, as some medication will affect how your cat may empty their bladder. For example, glucocorticoids like prednisolone may cause more frequent urination. Talk to your vet if notice these types of symptoms while taking a new medication.

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Does Cat Pee Color Matter? What Color Is Cat Pee?

Understanding your cat’s urine color is crucial. In fact, you will be in a better position to know whether you have an ailing cat or not. Here are some of the colors to watch out for.

Clear, Amber Yellow/Dark Yellow Urine

A healthy cat should have a clear or amber yellow colored urine. Dark yellow urine signifies that urine has stayed long inside your cats bladder.

Note: If you do travel with your cat, ensure you take them out to urinate frequently. Your cat holding in urine for extended periods of time may cause unprecedented health effects.

Cloudy Urine

Pee that is cloudy with white spots is an indication that something may be wrong in your cat’s bladder. Often this pee is full of pus, and it’s a signal that your cat may be having upper and lower urinary tract infections. If your do notice this type of coloration with your cat’s urine, see a veterinarian immediately.

Pink/Red Urine

Pink or red urine is a clear indication that your cat’s urinary tract system is not right. Cats suffering from cystitis or feline lower urinary tract disorder can often produce such urine, which may have a foul smell. Though not life-threatening, this condition causes discomfort in your cat. Consequently, if not treated, this condition may eventually effect the kidneys.

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Q & A

How Should My Cats Pee Smell?

To some, cats pee has a slight striking smell that’s is not very pungent. A foul smell however can signify a potential bladder infection.

Why Is My Cat Peeing A Lot? Could My Cat Be Sick?

Polyuria is defined as an increase volume and frequency of urination. Some factors may cause your cat to have an increased frequency of urination. In most cases, an underlying health condition is what leads to polyuria. Below are some of the most common health conditions in cats that may cause them to urinate frequently.


Similar to human beings, increased urination may be one of the symptoms of diabetes in cats.

Kidney Disease

Depending on the nature of the damage, some kidney diseases may cause your cat to urinate frequently.


Hyperthyroidism will cause your cat to urinate more than unusual.

Why Is It My Cat Cant Pee?

I’ve noticed my cat can’t pee, what are the most probable causes?

Blockage of Urethra

In cats, crystals may form in the kidneys which eventually try to leave your cats bladder but are often too big. These crystals or stones can end up blocking your cat’s urethra. With the blockage of the bladder and the urethra, your cat may find it hard to urinate and can be life threatening.

If you think your cat may possibly be dealing with this issue, contact your vet immediately. Your cat’s bladder may burst, and lead to sepsis and other internal organ damage. When I figured out my cat cannot pee, I took him to the local animal hospital immediately and found out he had a blocked urethra. This is another reason why it may be important to monitor your cat’s urination habits, to determine if there are any major underlying issues.


Cystitis is a bladder infection which may cause large stones to form due to mineral deposits from a pH imbalance. The stones can agglomerate and form a large enough clump to block your cat’s urinary track. If your female cat can’t urinate, bring her to the vet if she also displays other signs such as vomiting and sluggishness. It could be a sign of cystitis and should be treated immediately.

FLUTD – Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

FLUTD occurs after many occurrences of cystitis. If your cat has dealt with multiple bladder infections, FLUTD may be next as your cat’s bladder might become inflamed and susceptible to infections. FLUTD may require hospitalization so it’s best you take your cat to a vet as early as possible if you notice your cat can’t urinate.

All three of the mentioned medical conditions are fairly serious, and should be treated immediately. Blockages in bladder can really cause major damage to your cats internal organs. If your cat keeps trying to pee and can’t, please go see your vet or local animal hospital immediately.

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How Long Can Cats Hold Their Pee?

A cat can last anywhere from 24-48 hours without peeing. However, if it goes beyond that and you find your cat cant urinate, calling your vet will be essential.

Why Is My Cat Peeing Outside The Litter Box?

A cat won’t pee outside the litter box unreasonably. Here is why your cat has refused to use that expensive litter box you purchased.

  • The litter box is dirty, and the cat is telling you to clean it
  • You have placed the litter box in an inconvenient place for you4 cat
  • The cat hates the litter box
  • Another cat is chasing your cat from using their litter box
  • Your cat is stressed
  • Your cat is sick
  • The litter box is small, and the cat is demanding a much larger space to take care of her business

Why Is My Cat Spraying?

Have you ever noted this behavior when you go out with your cat for a walk or whenever another cat comes into your home? They tend to spray their urine, and most people don’t know why. Cats and often the boys do this to mark their territory and keep any rival male at bay. Also, females spray their urine to spread their pheromones when they are hot.

How Often Do Kittens Pee?

Kittens can urinate several times a day, due to their high metabolism. Don’t be worried if you see your kitten frequent the litter box.

Can A Cat U.T.I Go Away By Itself?

Most U.T.I s don’t resolve or go away by themselves. Medication prescribed by your doctor will help clear the bug that is causing the infection. Don’t try to diagnose your cat – instead take them to a vet to figure out the underlying causes.

Consequently, overusing medications may cause kidney failure and multidrug resistance for your cat. Unless otherwise, consult your vet whenever you are about to use any medication.

What Is A Typical Cat Pee Clump Size?

The cats pee clump size is usually not fixed, and will vary on how much water and liquids they intake throughout the course of their day. Sizing of clumps can be anywhere between the size of a golf ball and a tennis ball.

If You See Your Cat Pee Blood, What Does That Mean?

If you find blood in your cats urine, the most probably cause will be cystitis, which is a bladder infection. Take your cat to the vet immediately for treatment.

How often do cats pee and poop?

Your cat should really be using the litter box every day. If your find your cat is not pooping, your cat may be constipated. Monitor your cat closely for another day or two – if your cat still is unable to go, take your cat to the vet as they may need medication for proper bowel movements.

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In conclusion.

How often do cats urinate? We hope we’ve answered all your questions and all topics surrounding this question. Overall, we can say just like human beings, cats are unique. Some cats will pee twice or even five times a day. It all depends on your cat and their norm. However, consider talking to your vet when you note your cat is inconsistent with their urination habits.

Do you have any additional information you want us to include? Kindly drop it in the comment section below.

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how often do cats pee
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