The Grey Maine Coon Cat 2021 – Everything You Need To Know About This Amazing Cat

maine coon gray

The following is a three-part series on Maine Coon Cats: The Black Maine Coon, The Orange Maine Coon & now the Grey Maine Coon cat. The Grey Maine Coon cat is a very mysterious looking cat, that shares many of the beautiful characteristics displayed by Maine Coon cats. They are large, long haired majestic looking creatures, that are known as the gentle giants of the cat world. 

Originally, this breed was an outdoor cat breed, but they later became a working breed once they came to the United States. One of the interesting characteristics of these cats is that they have mane’s similar to that of a Lion, which definitely sets them apart. Below, we will detail how to distinguish a gray Maine Coon cat, as facts about its health, lifespan and size. 

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Maine Coon History

The Maine Coon Cat is acknowledged to be the only longhair breed that is native to the United States. This breed was introduced by seamen who sailed into New England. Maine, being a common harbor would have tons of ships docking and was a place for the people on board to take breaks. Many of those families would later end up settling in Maine, taking with them their precious cat’s they spent much time with watching after.

The cats were most likely part of the long-haired Angora breed, which are one of the few long-haired European breeds. These cats, whom spent much time on ships and eventually found its way to Maine would become known as the Maine Coon. Folk Tale or Truth? No one really knows if the story of Captain Charles Coon is actually true, but it’s goes as so.

Back in the 1800’s, Captain Charles Coon was a captain of one of those ships that would have many of these long-haired European cats. He would many times harbor his ship in New England, where he and his cats would spend time on land. These cats the captain brought with him, known as Norwegian Forest cats, ended up breeding with the local feral cats and many of these long-haired variations would show up all throughout New England.

If this is true, it could be why they are now known as the Maine Coon, after Captain Charles Coon. These cats would end up becoming indoor cats for many people in the New England area.

Following this time, the love affair with the Persians started, and the Maine Coon cat dropped into second place in popularity. The ranking has changed once again in recent years, and Maine Coon is once again “America’s Cat.” From our list below of the most popular cat breeds for 2021 in the USA, Maine Coons rank #2. 

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Why Grey?

The gray color of the gray Maine Coon cat is associated with meanings of control and compromise. It’s usually portrayed as unemotional and neutral. Gray Maine Coon cats are seen to be peaceful and relaxed, and brings out a soothing presence to it’s owners. Combine that with their royal features, the Maine Coon grey color makes them a cat that is highly sought out after.

grey maine coon
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How to Recognize A Grey Maine Coon Cat?

Within the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA), Grey Maine Coon cats are listed under the Blue Maine Coon. However, both are not the same and there are subtle differences. If the Maine Coon has a grey coat or grey stripes, they are typically referred to as Grey Maine Coons. However, if they have any sort of black pattern on top of their white coat, these cats are referred to as Silver Maine Coons. It gets even more confusing at times, since some grey Maine Coons can have a blue hue to them due to their deep grey color in their coats.

Another easy way to spot a Grey Maine Coon cat is to look at it’s tail: if you see a grey color, you are most likely looking at a Grey Maine Coon cat. Similar to how there is confusion between ginger Maine Coons and orange Maine Coons, the same exists between the gray and blue colors as well.

Tabby Maine Coon’s are the most regular pattern of Maine Coon Cats and also the most popular. Despite the most common assumption, tabby does not refer to the color of the cat. It actually attributes to the pattern of stripes, spots, and swirls visible on a cat’s fur. For a gray tabby Maine Coon, the color they are referred to by is based on the cats base color and stripes.

gray maine coon kitten
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Grey Maine Coon Cat Size & Features

Grey Maine Coon cats are some of the biggest cat breeds in USA. A Maine Coon male can typically weigh anywhere from 15-25 lbs, while a Maine Coon female can weigh between 8-12 lbs. They usually take up to 3 full years to reach maturity. It is known that owners can typically overfeed their cats, since they don’t think they are growing fast enough.

Maine Coons also have very exotic features that can make them easy to notice. The grey Maine Coon cat has eyes that are large and slanted, and can come in a variety of colors. They have tufts on their ears similar to a lynx. Their fur is long and shaggy and Maine Coon paws are large and also have tufts on them. A Maine Coon tail is typically bushy and can be long. The tail of a grey Maine Coon cat can reach up to their shoulders. Maine Coon noises are also different than basic cats. You will not only hear a Maine Coon meow, but also chirp and trill.

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Cat Care

Grey Maine Coon cats are active cats, so you should be feeding them high-quality protein rich foods. This breed tends to become overweight since they are known to grow at a slower pace. Make sure you consult with your vet before increasing their food intake. It is also important to play with your Maine Coon regularly to ensure they get daily exercise.

The coat of your grey Maine Coon cat also needs to be groomed regularly. They should be combed to smoothen the coat. Since this cat has broad ears that can collect debris and wax, you should be cleaning them often. Similar to most cats, your grey Main Coon will also need to trim their nails frequently, as they can grow fairly thick. Check out my list of the 5 Best Cat Nail Clippers to choose one that works for your cat.

Personality Traits of The Gray Maine Coon Cat

The Gray Maine Coon cat is known to be playful and social. These cats love human interaction and can get along well with other family members and other pets in the household. As mentioned previously, they need to have a good exercise routine to ensure your cat is happy and healthy.

Gray Maine Coon kittens are affectionate and adorable creatures. While these kitty’s love attention, they don’t mind being left alone during the day. The cats are good-natured and patient, implying that they’re great companions for kids who know how to interact with cats respectfully.

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How Much Is A Maine Coon Cat In Grey?

Grey Maine Coon kittens will typically follow price guides for blue Maine Coons. A kitten can run you anywhere between $1,000 – $2,000, whereas an adult can cost you between $700 & $1,500. 

Should you want to purchase an Grey Maine Coon cat for show competitions, it might cost you up to $2500 per kitten or cat. These cats are the best examples of the Main Coon breed, with excellent characteristics and no genetic defects. You can find ‘cheaper’ Maine Coons at adoption or rescue centers, but they may be an orange Maine Coon mix, so you want to do your research.

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Gray Maine Coon Cat Health Related Issues

Getting your cat from a reputable breeder will help minimize hereditary diseases. Some of the most common diseases related to the Gray Maine Coon cat are below:


It is typical to see owners overfeed their grey maine coon cat since they don’t see they are gaining weight. Main Coons are known to be slow growers, so always consult with your vet before making and changes to your cats’ diet. Obesity in cats is very prevalent, and most owners don’t even know their cat is overweight until they take them to the vet for another reason.

Hip Dysplasia

Since these cats are known to be “heavy-boned”, they are more likely to deal with hip dysplasia, which is the deterioration of your cat’s hip joints.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Known as the “silent killer”, this disease is when your cat’s heart can become too muscular and can lead to abnormalities with your cat’s heart rate. This is usually not life threatening and can be dealt with by modifying the diet for your grey maine coon cat. 

Vestibular Diseases

Vestibular disease can cause imbalance in your cat. Although it’s not fully understood why it occurs, ear infections in the middle and inner ear are known to be possible causes.

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

PKD is known to form cysts that can broaden and expand the kidney of your grey maine coon cat, leading to reduced effectiveness. Since this disease is untreatable, it’s best you provide your cat with a diet focused around kidney health as soon as you notice any symptoms.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Leg muscles will typically weaken as your cats’ spinal neurons start to deteriorate. Most indoor cats can however live just fine with this disease.

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Is a Grey Maine Coon Cat Rare?

Grey Maine Coons are much less common when compared with other colors, such as black smoke, white or blue. This does to an extent make them more rare and the price for these cats will definitely show that. You can however find blue Maine Coons that look very similar in color to the grey Maine Coon, but will be for a cheaper price. 

Grey Maine Coon Cat Lifespan

How long do grey Maine Coons live? The average maine coon life expectancy can range from 10-13 years, as they are generally a very healthy breed. Some of the major factors that can affect their lifespan are its diet, care, and exercise.


The Grey Maine Coons Cat will usually fall under the ‘blue’ classification. This breed can suffer from more health problems than any other breed, so it is required that you take the time to find a reputable breeder that you can trust.

A Gray Maine Coon Cat can easily be recognized because of their size, distinctive face, and exotic lynx like tufted ears. They make excellent family cats and have great personalities and can be considered low maintenance. While they love to play, the cats are just as happy to relax while you’re out and about. They’re color variance sure does make them rare, but you will be paying a higher price because of this.

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