The Flame Point Siamese Cat 2021 – Every Interesting Fact About This Perfect Cat

flame point siamese cat

Siamese cats are widely known for their rounded coats, slim bodies, and bright blue eyes. Did you notice that this breed has many variations? Many colors, such as the Flame Point Siamese cat are present today because of cross-breeding.

Flame point Siamese cats have a creamy-white coat, along with reddish-gold dots with a lighter color on the legs and feet.  They have powerful, bright blue eyes and have a pink-colored nose, eye rims, and paws pad. Their ears, legs, and tails are also striped.

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flame point siamese cat
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Siamese Cat Origins – Where Do They Come From?

Siamese cats are some of the oldest cat breeds of Asia. It is related to the Wichianmat, which is one of the many breeds native to Thailand. Siamese cats quickly became one of the most popular cat breeds in North America during the 19th century. The Siamese cat also became popular in England during this same time period. These cats were different and unique, since they had long bodies, and they had unique colorations with long ears.

Siamese cats are the foundation stock of many other breeds created by crossbreeding. Some descendants of the Siamese cat include the hairless Sphinx, the Oriental Shorthair, the Himalayan, and the Cornish Rex, which are all currently popular cat breeds. The long hair version of the Siamese is known as the Balinese cat

In olden times, Siamese cats were also known to have royal status. They were even worshipped as Gods in Thailand. The people during those times believed after their passing, their souls would be returned to the earth as cats.

flame point siamese cat
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Red Point Siamese Personality

Flame point Siamese cats have very genial personalities. They are also a very high-energy breed of cats and always want to be involved. Many owners see their cats are searching for affection throughout the day.

Flame Point cats are an ideal choice if you are looking for a family pet.  They will hold you occupied with their impressive personalities, and you will truly feel like you have another family member. Another valuable feature of the flame point cat personality is that they are incredibly expressive. These cats are going to meow about everything and can sometimes even be TOO talkative!

Some flamepoint siamese cat owners will also say that these cats need so much attention as they want someone always available to play with them, but do not let that prevent you from taking one home! Every cat has specific character aspects of its own and can react differently.

Characteristics of The Flame Point Siamese Cat:

Friendly: Siamese flame point cats are known for being caring and very friendly. They enjoy attention and love to be with humans and other animals. Siamese kittens start off with a white tone coat. Their color evolves at around four weeks of age. On the colder areas of their body, the color shows up.

Albino: The Siamese cat is said to be descendants of the albino cat — a bright white cat with pink eyes.

Jealous: From time to time, Siamese cats could become jealous if they are not getting the attention they want.

Great With Kids: One of the most accomplished facts for red point siamese cats is that they are very calm and gentle; they are great with babies or kids.

Easily Trainable: Siamese cats are smart, making it possible to train them. You may teach your Siamese to do many activities, such as walking with a harness and toilet training.

Weight: The average mass of a male flame point siamese cat is between 11 and 15 lbs. Females are on average 8 to 11 lbs.

Lifespan: The flame point siamese cat is a healthy breed and has a long-life expectancy of up to 15 years. However, the modern siamese cat does not possess a very long-life expectancy due to its weak immune response triggered by breeding.

Vocal: One of the most popular characteristics of the flame point siamese cat are their vocals. They are loud when they need or want anything, which at times can sound like a baby crying. Eventually to some owners, this meowing also gets very annoying. 

Siamese Personality: The flame point siamese cat personality is gentle and loving, calm, faithful, and characterful.

flame point siamese cat
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Siamese Cat Color Variations

Siamese cats are very unique and can easily set apart from other cats due to their facial markings. These colors are due to the Himalayan gene, which is a type of albinism.

There are only four colors that are accepted by the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

  • Seal Point
  • Chocolate Point
  • Lilac Point
  • Blue Point

However, there are over 30 different color variations that exist for Siamese cats; everything from chocolate point, to the caramel point to the apricot point Siamese cat.

A fun fact about Siamese cats is that they have a unique modifier gene that enables them to produce a certain pigment in their fur. The regions near the ears, tail and paws of Siamese cats are much cooler, thus causing the release of the pigment in these areas to occur more. This is what gives the flame point siamese cat their distinct markings and coloration.

flame point siamese
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How Are Flame Points Bred?

The Flame Point Siamese is a cross between a purebred Siamese cat and a red-toned American brown tabby. The creamy or white cats featuring “points” on their head, noses, tail, and feet are purebred Siamese. A Siamese must breed with an orange or red tabby cat to create the flame point siamese cat. The points bring on an orange tone, which gives the breed its name.  They also have piercing blue eyes that Siamese cats are famous for.

Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Rare?

The flame point siamese cat is rare. Since they have unique colorations, they are difficult to find. This could especially be due to the fact that breeders typically don’t breed this color since they aren’t widely accepted as Siamese cats (according to the Cat Fanciers Association). This scarcity also makes the flame point siamese cat slightly more expensive relative to most others of this breed.

flame point siamese cat
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1. Flame Point cats are both active and enthusiastic.

The flame point siamese cat is recognized for its elevated level of energy and can be trained to play fetch. It is advised that you provide them with toys, such as multicolored balls and catnip-filled toy macs. Siamese cats also like to discover, rarely sit still, and don’t take as frequent naps as most cats.

2. Flame Point cats are intelligent and trainable.

The intellect of this breed is a bit surprising. The cats are smart, but most of them could be trained to move on a leash, quickly do a fist bump, use the toilet, hop through fences, and other stunts.

3. Flame Point cats are quite socially active, and they love children.

Most of the time, cats prefer to be among individuals, so they thrive best in a larger household. These cats do not appreciate being alone, so it’s appropriate to get a second cat if you prefer to be out of your home regularly because they do not want to be left unattended. They continue to join people around the house, particularly their human parents, and they are also cooperative and responsive.


1. Flame Point cats are conversational.

This breed appears to be quite conversational, and they vocalize a lot. They have a distinctive low-pitched meow, sometimes referred to as “geezer.” Their meows can also become irritating. Some people suggest it could become more uncomfortable than a baby’s constant crying. They can also describe their vocalizations as repetitive, distracting, and demanding. Therefore, if you’re the kind that needs rest, this breed will not be a perfect pet option.

2. A Flame Point Siamese cat require a lot of human care and appear to be behaviorally needy.

Although this breed is recognized for its social nature, as they seem to need a lot of emotional affection and interaction, it could also be a drawback. It can be difficult if they start becoming extra clingy, trailing you around in the house, as they appear to bind tightly to their pet parent. If you travel for work full time and that there are typically no other individuals left at home, then this breed might not be a good match for you.

3. Flame Point cats need a great deal of excitement and get easily bored.

Flame Point cats appear to get bored quickly, as they are busy and enthusiastic, so you’ll need to involve them with plenty of toys to play with them. It is also why they perform well when they are around human kids. Kids, like these cats, are active and love to play, so they seem to be ideal playmates. However, this breed needs a lot of attention.

flame point siamese cat
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Behavioral Problems

Significant behavioral problems linked with Siamese cats are an aggressive nature, constant meowing and/or repetitive biting. Another behavioral situation to check out for is aggressiveness with other cats or pets as well.

Health Issues

Pica, arthritis, hyperesthesia, and hip dysplasia are the common health problems among Flame Point Siamese cats. They could also be sensitive to kidney issues and tooth decay that are prevalent disorders of the American breed of tabby. To get rid of health problems, local vet visits should be a primary concern.

Flame Point Siamese Cat Cost

The price of such cats varies from $400-$1000 and can get as high as $2000. Because of the cat’s age, selection of a breeder, the breed of the cat’s parents, the demand varies. It will be much more expensive for cats bred by both champion parents. Kittens usually cost much more than adult cats. Your cat’s coat will also raise the price you pay. The rarer the hairs of your cat or marks are, the higher the cat’s value.

flame point siamese cat
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The Flame point Siamese cat is a cross-breed of the Siamese and the American shorthair tabby breed.  It has an easygoing and personable temperament and lovely nature. This breed, therefore, is very much rare and may be costly to own, but buying one promises several years of pleasure and caring companionship. Not only do they love to cuddle with their owners, but they enjoy the attention they get from the family. They are unique looking cats that can definitely making a great family pet.

Additionally, flame point siamese cats are considered rare, so it is definitely nice to own a cat that is coveted by most. They are considered a medium sized cat breed, that can weigh anywhere from 5-11 lbs.

With proper care & nutrition, a flame point siamese cat can live up to 15 years old while avoiding the common health issues seen with this breed. If you are looking for a new cat, and have the time, effort and budget to properly take care of one, a flame point siamese cat can be a great option to consider. 

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flame point siamese cat
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Get Flame Point Siamese Cat?

You can get your flame point kitten from a reputable breeder. Solid breeders can be found using the resources below:

Additionally, you can also find these cats at animal shelters. They will generally be lower priced, but you will need to ensure they are purebred if that’s what you are looking for. 

Will The Flame Point Siamese cat make a Perfect Family Pet?

Yes, if you love talkative cats, I bet this cat breed will work well for you. This cat loves the attention from their owners, and can get along with every family member. If you are looking for a cat that is cool looking, vocal and energetic, the flame point siamese cat is a great option. 

flame point siamese cat
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flame point siamese cat
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