So Why DOES My Cat Sleep On My Chest? [They Love You]

Cat Sleep On My Chest

Cats are one of the most beautiful animals in nature, but we find them to be very curious and mysterious in their behavior. A cat is unique and special as a pet, and while they can seem too independent, it is completely false that “cats don’t have masters”; cats adore and respect their owners above all else, they just have a special and distinct way to express that affection.

You see them many a times portraying odd behavior, eating weird things, and acting the strangest ways. So it isn’t very surprising that your here, trying to answer another question about your cat. Many times I have wondered why DOES my cat sleep on my chest? Are they looking for warmth? Do they love me? Or do they want to mark me as their own territory? Keep reading to find out. 

The same thing happens every day. It’s time to go to sleep, go to bed, and your cat curls up on your chest the moment you do it and purrs until it falls asleep. We agree that felines love to sleep a lot because of multiple reasons, such as the protection of energy reserves or body heat.


It’s no secret that felines sleep a lot; depending on whether it’s an adult or a baby, they can sleep anywhere from 12 to 20 hours a day. And yes, many of those hours it will want to sleep on you. The reasons for this attitude in your cat are varied and some will erase that conception that they are surly animals.

Every person and every cat has its own tastes. Some love to sleep on their own, without being disturbed by anyone or anything. On the other hand, there are those who need the contact and warmth of another being to fall asleep. Your cat may just be so used to sleeping with you that it has become a habit. 

Sleeping on your chest has probably become a habit over the years, due to a number of factors well cover below. But cats are creatures of habit. They wake up, eat lunch, play, nap and repeat. If sleeping on your chest has become part of that routine, it will become very difficult to break. You cat will be probably be looking forward to nap time just as much as you are. 

why does my cat sleep on my chest
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Your scent attracts it.

Another reason why felines are attracted to humans and love to perch on their bodies is their scent. The olfactory capacity of the kittens exceeds ours by far, by as much as a factor of 4. 

This way, even if they don’t see us, they know where we are, and when they need us, they don’t take long to find us and feel our fragrance and warmth. For your cat, the scent of your home is you! Although this reason will be much more usual if you are a woman since some of the care products for them give off a very attractive scent for your feline.


The cat has the habit of transferring and releasing pheromones on domestic objects as well as on humans, to mark its territory. The moment my cat sleeps on my chest, it is simply marking its territory, because you are also its property and it has no intention of sharing you with other animals.

The cats in your home try to create territories just like they do in the wild. Its always interesting to witness how your cats interact with each other, and while regions are claimed by which cats. Sometimes these regions may even overlap. A recent study even showed that when 14 cats that were spayed and neutered tend to spend time with other cats of the same sex. 

I have even noticed this behavior many times throughout the day. If my cat is hungry and I am about to feed her some food, she proceeds to rub her face all around me and her food bowl to mark their region. The same thing happens when I get home at night from a long day of work. Although this motivation may seem opportunistic, you should know that it is not at all, but is dictated by the love it feels for you!

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It seeks to protect you.

Another reason why your cat sleeps on top of you is to protect you. Yes, felines also have a protective instinct, perhaps on a less physical level than dogs and more on a spiritual one. People often try to compare the level of loyalty between that of a dog and its owner, vs. that of a cat with its owner. However, we should stop this as these are different creatures with different personalities and temperaments. 

If you have a close bond with your cat, that has been developed after years of ownership, you will sure see this sort of behavior from your cat. Cats have the ability to perceive negative energies and turn them into positive ones, even regulate your own energies. If you are distressed or more stressed than usual, your companion will probably decide to sleep on you. Isn’t that nice?

It wants to feel protected.

Even though it is in the safety of your home, one of the animal instincts is the need for protection.  Its cat instinct makes it always alert to any possible “danger”. Cats need to feel safe even at home, as they are always on alert for what might happen. That is why cats prefer to sleep as close as possible to their owners.

And although you know that nothing will happen to it, its instincts win the battle, so it will always look for a comfortable and safe place to sleep peacefully. That place, without a doubt, is next to you or rather on top of your chest.

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Remembering the first weeks of life.

The cat, especially when it is still little, sleeps on its master’s chest because it is a moment that, without knowing it, reminds it of the first weeks of life in contact with its mother. Since the first few weeks (maybe even months for some cats) are spent with their mother, this is a period of time they might never forget.

The instinct of every being is to have an indissoluble and undeniable bond with its mother. Even the cat, which apparently as an adult may seem a more distant animal, never misses the opportunity to remember the most tender moments of its life. Cats that have been adopted and brought into a new home will begin to treat their owners as their mothers.

You are an incredible source of warmth.

We all know that cold weather and cats are not the best of friends. Surely you’ve seen it looking for the slightest ray of sunshine sometimes, right? It’s because cats like to sleep in warm places and since there’s no sun at night, there’s no better place than your bed. Your cat if you haven’t noticed continually looks for a place a warmth – whether that be a underneath a sheet, in their cozy beds or even in your lap. Cats love warm places, and if they need a place to nap, they will inevitably choose the place that is warmest. 

However, what could be better than the pleasant warmth of their owner? On top of you, it’s perfect for them, because your body heat keeps it warm. Besides, since they sleep about 16 hours a day, they prefer comfort and your chest is comfortable. I can just imagine your cat roaming all over the house as mine does, they are so cute!

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The best way to bond.

Okay, cats are very much their own, some more than others, and they choose the moments, but they also need human warmth and seek it in your lap to settle in for their long naps or in the evening. Of course, when left home alone, cats practice the art of napping in other comfortable, if somewhat colder, places or surfaces in the home.

That’s why, when you come home from work, your feline will look for the first opportunity to get close to you, warm up to you and show you all its affection and happiness with its touch. For many cats, it is important to sleep with their owners, especially in the colder months, but remember that this decision is completely personal and you should only make it if you are comfortable with it.

In conclusion.

However, maybe the reason why your cat sleeps on top of you is a mixture of all this.

Because you, its master, are the one with whom it feels calm, serene, comfortable, and cozy, so it wants to show you its love by doing one of its favorite activities: sleeping!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband?

This could be for a number of reasons. But the main one could mean your cat is just closer with you than with your husband. They may feel more protective of you or even feel more protected with you. They may even enjoy your company more. If your find your cat curled up sleeping next to you, know that she enjoys your presence and is at peace.

Why does my cat sleep on my head?

This is an odd question but one that is asked by many. However, my cat sleeps on my head. She probably finds your head to be a source of comfort and feel it is a better position than being in your lap or on your chest. It however is uncomfortable to me, so I’ve been training my cat to lay on my chest or belly.

Why does my cat sleep between my legs?

The reason why your cat sleeps between your legs may be for many of the same reasons mentioned above. It is warm, they feel safe and protected, and they enjoy your scent.

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Cat Sleep On My Chest
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