Bombay Cat Price in 2021, Personality and Some Interesting Facts

bombay cat price

The Bombay cat is attractive-looking cat with stunning emerald copper eyes and a loving personality. This cat is friendly and social with children and adults. The Bombay cat price however tends to be on the higher side, due to its rarity and stark features. This cat is a special kind of cat breed having a muscular physique. You will be surprised to know that this unique animal is all black from the tip of the nose to the tail. It is a heavy cat with large round paws. If you are looking for a beautiful cat as a pet, then this mini jungle panther would be the perfect choice for you.

Do you know why their called Bombay cats? The Bombay Cat gets its name because it resembles an Indian leopard. The extraordinary characteristics of this cat include a glossy coat with shining golden eyes. Here, I would love to cover important information about the Bombay cat price and details about the personality of this cute animal.

Bombay Cat History

The cat breed was first introduced by a long-time cat exhibitor and breeder known as Nikki Horner. The cats were titled ‘parlour panther’ by Nikki and described their look as ‘parlour panthers’. The term ‘Bombay’ was included in the cat’s name because of its resemblance with the Indian Black Panther. However, as it is a man-made breed, it is fully accepted as a domestic pet. The Cat Fancier Association accepted this cat in 1976, where the species also got recognition from The International Cat Association.

Bombay Cat Price in 2021, Personality and Some Interesting Facts
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Bombay Cat Price - How Much Does a Bombay Cat Cost?

If you want to own a stunning-looking Bombay cat, be prepared to pay a little extra. The average Bombay cat price ranges from $500 to $700; the price also depends upon how old the cat is. The Bombay cat price gradually increases from a Bombay kitten to a full-grown cat up to $2000. Most of the kittens are available in the $600 to $1000 range. This cost includes the price of a cat, but you have to include other factors such as feeding, grooming, health issues, and insurance when purchasing a cat.

Where to Buy Bombay Cats?

There are lots of factors that determine the actual cost of a Bombay kitten. You will notice that the show cats that are ideal in their physique and personality are expensive. These show cats can compete in any show organized by the international cat association.

The Bombay cat price of such show cats would be in thousands of dollars if the kitten possesses such great qualities of a show cat or closely associated with a prize-winning Bombay cat, then the Bombay cat price tag increases. However, if you want to prefer an adult cat, then you can also consider that option. In the case of an adult cat, you have to examine his health history and training as a pet closely.

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Bombay Cat Personality

You will be surprised to know that everything about the Bombay cat is large, round, strong, and beautiful. You won’t see any sharp facial features as the ears are broad with medium size and eyes set wide apart. The wide eyes give an expression as it is alert all the time.

The personality of this cat is impressive as it doesn’t require too much grooming. If you search for an independent breed, this cat is not for you because it is friendly and social. The Bombay cat is a playful, lighthearted, loving, and family-friendly cat who loves to play with kids in the house. The hybrid heritage of cat is responsible for its resemblance with American shorthair and Burmese vocals. However, the short hair has become dense and furry to this date.

Attention Seeker

These cats are clever and love to meet new people every day. They are not so talkative but attention-seeking at the same time. Their hypnotizing copper eyes are enough to deliver their message and seek your attention. They are very clever in gaining the attention of audiences around them due to their gestures and actions. The Bombay cat purr is also something that is quite different compared to other breeds.

Unconditional Love And Bonding

They will always sit with their master. Their attachment with the families and unconditional love show that they love people. One particular factor in their personality is that they bond with the entire family rather than one person.

bombay cat price
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They behave pretty well with the kids of the family. These cats are mainly known to show good behavior with the children who give them respect. They are highly known for their intelligence and curious nature. Bombay is known to make companions in the house. They notice every person doing household chores. You can do the tasks and get entertained with this fantastic cat simultaneously.

Friendliness With Other Pets

Another great attribute in the personality of Bombay cats is that you will always find them being friendly with other pets. If you have dogs and other animals as pets in your home, then don’t be worried, as the Bombay cat will be a great addition to your family. Their friendly and loving nature makes them an ideal pet in the house. You can get a complete package in this Indian Black Cat as they are clever, active, playful, and love to spend their time with family.

Affection Towards Owner

If you want to own a pet that not only takes care of you but your family members as well, then the Bombay cat is the perfect choice for you. They are highly affectionate towards their owner and love to roam around them. They also entertain their owners with loving gestures and voices. If you want a pet devoted to cuddling and snuggling, you must consider an getting this Indian Black cat.

Bombay Cat Price in 2021, Personality and Some Interesting Facts
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Physical Attributes


The body of the Bombay cat looks very much like a Burmese cat. However, it possesses a large body.


The head of the Bombay cat is smaller in size and rounder too. However, when compared with the overall size of the cat, the head region looks fairly proportionate.


These muscular medium-sized cats have smaller ears that go perfectly with their personality. Its hearing ability is also top-notch, and its ears are very sensitive to certain sounds. The tip of the ears for these cats are also very pointy and round.

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It has dense fur around its body with a straight tail. The tail is longer in size, and the Bombay cat has complete muscular control of its tail. Upon sensing danger, the cat tends to move its tail to and fro and makes its predator aware of the cat’s presence and mightiness.


The Bombay kittens are adorable with little blue eyes that turn grey after they mature. The eyes become a deep shiny golden color when these kittens mature. 


The legs of the feline are longer in size with an elongated body. The paws of the Bombay cat is tiny, but still, it manages to stroll ideally on all fours. The elegant walk of the Bombay cat is similar to the panther and Burmese cat. There is a minimal amount of coat covering the legs of the feline, and it gradually decreases as you go down on the leg.


The coat of the Bombay cat is very glossy and rich. It is not a very furry cat, and the fur strands are smaller in size when compared with other cats. Since the early life stage, the coat of the Bombay panther is lustrous and black.


The color of the Bombay cat is black. All its features are lustrous black with black ears, tail, and legs. It is the only color found in these cats, making them one of the few breeds that are only found in a single color.

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Bombay Cat as a Pet

The Bombay cat is the perfect choice to be kept as a pet. It instantly becomes friendly with children and cat-friendly dogs as well. This cat loves children, primarily when they treat him with respect and politeness. The Bombay cats can become familiar with other cats and dogs. However, it would be best to introduce your pet slowly to everything in a controlled manner. They will gradually learn and get along with others quickly.

The Lifespan of a Bombay Cat and Health Issues

As we know that the Bombay cat is a strong and muscular cat, the average lifespan of this stunning-looking animal ranges from 12 to 16 years. However, various health problems such as inherited diseases and lifestyle issues also contribute to a decrease in the average lifespan of a Bombay Cat. Most pet owners prefer to buy health insurance that includes medical expenses. The annual health insurance of a cat ranges from $500 to $1000. Most pet insurance companies offer the average monthly cost of health insurance of such cats from $10 to $30. 

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How Much Is The Bombay Cat Price For Breeding?

When you own a pet, you must consider factors like the annual feeding cost and the maintenance cost. We know that every cat needs its bed, a feeding bowl, a dish, toys, napkins, and much more. The Bombay cat price when it comes to grooming is minimal as compared to other animals. The food of such kittens or cats purely consists of high-quality protein as they are carnivore animals.

However, it would help if you always fed your cat a balanced diet to maintain their health. You can also give them commercial cat foods available in the market but make sure that it is approved by the Association of American Feed Controls to meet the standards.

As with any cat, make sure the brand and type, whether wet, dry or raw goes well with their stomach. Each cat is different, and may react differently to different types and qualities of food.


Bombay cats are playful and friendly towards their owners. They have a bright and cheerful personality. If you want to own a unique-looking cat with unique attributes, you should adopt an Indian black cat known as the Bombay cat. They are a healthy breed that lives up to 16 years. They show special attention to the people who treat them with respect and affection. You can purchase beautiful Bombay kittens and raise them in your house, but remember the Bombay cat price tag is hefty. These cats will become familiar with your environment in no time. If you love pets and want a unique addition to your home, Bombay cats would be a perfect choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bombay Cats Aggressive in Nature?

Bombay cats are not aggressive, and these hybrid cats possess a mixture of personality traits with solid behavior. They are friendly and fearless. Their medium size muscular body with hypnotizing eyes makes them a little aggressive during the play fights. Bombay cats are known to possess an affectionate nature with a playful personality.

Are Bombay Cats Talkative?

Bombay cats are known for their dynamic and intelligent nature. They are beautiful, talkative, and adorable as well. You will instantly fall in love with their bright-looking eyes, which make them naughty. The bombay cat meow is also very distinctive when compared with other breeds. 

Do Bombay Cats attach to one person?

Bombay cats have a remarkable tendency to listen to the instructions of their owner. They show special bonding with every family member. However, you can make them attached to one particular person with care and respect. These cats do love attention and affection from people. They will also entertain you with their beautiful action, gestures, and adorable eyes.

Bombay Cat Price in 2021, Personality and Some Interesting Facts
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bombay cat price
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