Black Maine Coon Cat 2021 – Why You Need This Marvelous & Beautiful Cat

black maine coon

The following is a three-part series on Maine Coon Cats: The Black Maine Coon Cat, The Orange Maine Coon & The Grey Maine Coon. The Maine Coon cat is the second most popular cat breed in the United States. With its loving personality, cuddly nature, and playfulness as a kitten, this cat makes a perfect family pet. The Maine Coon comes in a wide range of colors: black, white, red (ginger), blue, and cream.

Maine Coon’s, often called the gentle giants are very beautiful creatures. These cats are one of the oldest breeds in North America and are known for their very distinctive appearance and their ability to hunt. The Black Maine Coon is surely a rarity when compared to Maine Coons of other color coats. This makes them highly sought out after and fairly expensive, as a black Maine Coon kitten may run you anywhere from $1,000 – $2,000.

We’ll go through everything from the origins of the Maine Coon, as well as their genetics, colors, sizes, features, personality, cost, care, and health issues that are predominately seen with this breed. If you are trying to decide whether or not a black Maine Coon may be right for you, or if just purchased a brand new black Maine Coon kitty, keep reading to learn everything there is to know about this highly sought after breed.

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Black Maine Coon Cat Origins

The origins of the Black Main Coon Cat is highly debated. Two main theories exist as to its origination, one being that black Maine Coon’s were cross-bred between a domesticated cat and a raccoon, and the other being they was cross-bred between a domesticated cat and a bobcat. The first theory seems highly unlikely however since raccoons can’t be bred with cats. Even though the bobcat theory may seem possible, it most likely is not true since bobcats are part of the lynx species which can’t be bred with domestic cats either.

If you ask someone from Maine about these theories, they will say that they are old myths that have been spread around for years. However, the second part of the name “Maine Coon” is short for raccoon. We will explain this in a bit from the story of Captain Charles Coon.

Another theory surrounding of the origination of the Maine Coon cat and the one that actually has some backing is the Ship Cat’s theory, which incites that Black Maine Coons are descendants of European ship cats. Ship captains would frequently bring cats on board, to help control the mice and rat population which could really cause problems on a ship. Over time, many of the people and families on board started caring and watching after those cats.

Maine, being a common harbor would have tons of ships docking and was a place where the crew members on board could take a break. Many of those families would later end up settling in Maine, taking with them their precious cats they spent much time watching after.

Maine Harbor
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The “ship cats” were most likely part of the long-haired Angora breed, which is one of the few long-haired European breeds. These cats, who spent much time on ships and eventually found their way to Maine would become known as the Maine Coon.

Folk Tale or Truth? No one really knows if the story of Captain Charles Coon is actually true, but it’s goes as so. Back in the 1800s, Captain Charles Coon was a captain of one of those ships that would have many of these long-haired European cats. He would many times harbor his ship in New England, where he and his cats would spend time on land.

These cats the captain brought with him, known as Norwegian Forest cats, ended up breeding with the local feral cats and many of these long-haired variations would show up all throughout New England. If this is true, it could be why they are now known as the Maine Coon, after Captain Charles Coon. These cats would end up becoming indoor cats for many people in the New England area. Interesting story, but who knows if there’s any truth behind it. 

As of more recent times, Maine Coon cats have been very popular. The first winner of the North American cat show was a Maine Coon brown tabby back in 1895. Although they decreased in popularity following that time and was even thought to be extinct, they made a comeback in the 1980s when the Central Maine Cat Club started breeding them again. They would become one of the most popular breeds of cats in the United States. The Maine Coon was also named (as you probably figured) the state cat of Maine in 1895. 

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What Makes A Maine Coon Cat Black?

For a breeder to have a black Maine Coon cat, both parents of this cat breed must have the dominant black color gene. In genetics, the black gene is represented by a capital B, and it’s often the stronger gene. A lowercase b represents a recessive gene. Therefore, to increase the chances of getting a black Maine Coon cat, both parents must have the BB combination. A Bb combination in both parents drops the odds of having a black Maine Coon kitten to 1/3, while a bb combination results in a 1/5th chance of having a black Maine Coon kitten.

Types of Black Maine Coon Cat

There are two variations: the solid black Maine Coon & the black smoke Maine Coon.

Solid Black Maine Coon Cat

A solid black coated Maine Coon is very difficult to find. These cats have a coat that is rich in black color from top to bottom. Solid Black Maine Coons can have either long or medium length coats. The hairs with this color variation can either be matte or glossy. These cats are easier to pick out as they are not multicolored or bicolored.

solid black maine coon cat
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Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat

Black smokey Maine Coon cats are the most popular and are often easier to find. These cats have black color on their tips of the fur. However, as you go deeper into its coat of fur, the black color begins to fade away, and it’s often lighter. They’re overall appearance might almost make their coat look like a like a very dark gray. 

black smoke maine coon cat
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Black Maine Coon Cat Size Comparison

Like every other cat breed, the coat color doesn’t affect its size. The Maine Coon cat is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds. Even with their size, their personality is unmatched, and you will often find people calling them “gentle giants”.

The table below shows the typical Maine Coon height and weights for males and females.

Males19-40 inches10-16 inches15-25 pounds
Females19-40 inches8-14 inches8-12 pounds

Overall, the size of this cat will depend on its diet and its genetics. This gentle giant also takes a while to reach full maturity. While other cats may take 15 months to reach maturity, the black Maine Coon cat can take up to 3 years. As you can see, Maine Coons tend to grow at a very slow rate compared to most cats. It is common to find cat owners that end up overfeeding their black Maine Coon cat because they do not see them increasing in weight fast enough. Check with your vet to find out what typical sizes and weights should be based on your cat’s age.

Black Main Coon Cat Features

Large Size

As mentioned previously, Main Coons are one of the largest breeds. If you see an unusually large cat, it may be a Main Coon.


Main Coons eyes are known to be large, and are slightly slanted. Their eye color can come in amber, copper, gold, green, or yellow.


Maine Coon ears will typically have tufts, similar to a lynx. Tufts are bunches of hairs that grow together and come out of the top of the cat’s ears. Since Main Coon’s are known to be hunters, these tufts serve to widen their hearing range while they perform these activities during the nighttime.

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Long Thick Fur

One way to spot a black Maine Coon cat is by looking at their coat. They are known to have very long and bushy fur, which can definitely look very majestic.


Main Coon paws are known to be extremely large. Similar to their ears, you will find tufts on their paws as well.


Main Coon’s are usually very vocal. They make a variety of sounds, from meows to chirps to trills. You will notice Maine Coon noises are quite different when compared to other cats. A Maine Coon trill is a combination of a chirp and a maine coon meow. Their voice alone can definitely set them apart from the basic cat.


The Maine Coon tail will be very bushy and long. They are wide usually at the base, but as it extends it narrows down. If you see a cat with a tail long and furry enough to reach its shoulders, you may be looking at a black Maine Coon cat.

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Black Maine Coon Cat Personality

Like every other Maine coon cat, Maine Coon black cats are friendly and affectionate cats who are loyal to their family members. Even with its large size, this cat is gentle and can get along well with children. The black Maine coon cat is a skilled mouser who loves to put their chasing skills to practice. Rats and mice won’t have a haven in your house if you have a Main Coon black cat.

These cats are generally very friendly and sociable with both people and other animals. They have a ton of energy and love to play with their owners. You will be surprised by the  intelligence of the black maine coon cat, as some owners claimed to have taught their cat tricks. They show extreme affection to their owners and are very loyal. They are known as gentle giants because, despite their large size, they are sweet and loving creatures. All in all, this is a cat that has unmatchable temperaments if handled with care and love.

How to Know If You Have a Black Maine Coon Cat

Often most people will refer to any big cat that has lots of fur as a Maine Coon. However, they could be wrong, as there are other breeds such as the Persian which could have similar features.

A black Maine coon cat has a solid color on its coat. Consequently, unlike other cat breeds that have oblong-sleek bodies, these cats have well-built rectangular bodies. Additionally, these cats have medium-long hair that is bushy. Along with their bushy hair, it’s worthy to note that they do shed quite a bit.

Another peculiar feature that is easier to distinguish in purebred Maine Coon cats is the tufts of hair around the neck-and often resembles the mane of a lion. Also, as mentioned before, these cats have tufts on their ears. Their tails are long and furry to the tip. The black Maine Coon cat also uses this tail as a heat insulator during the cold season.

Black Maine Coon
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How Much Are Maine Coon Cats? Maine Coon Cost

The table below should give you a general idea of what you should expect to spend to get a black Main Coon.

AgeGenderColorAverage Price ($)
KittenMale or FemaleBlack1000 - 2000
AdultMale or FemaleBlack700 - 1500
KittenMale or FemaleBlack Smoke1100 - 2500
AdultMale or FemaleBlack Smoke1000 - 1700

Overall, the price of this cat can be affected by various factors.-For example, age, size, genetic pool, breeder preference, and locality.

As with any cat breed, do your research to find reputable breeders around your area that have black Maine Coon kittens for sale. Check out cat fanciers or TICA. The price will vary depending on the age and sex of the main coon. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 – $2,000 for a black Maine Coon kitten, while an adult black Maine Coon may run you anywhere from $700 – $1,400. A Maine Coon male may be typically more sought after and are therefore slightly more expensive.

You should look for breeders that are TICA registered, to ensure the breeder you are working with is legitimate. The breeder should be able to provide you with certain documents proving the health and pedigree of the kitten you are buying.

Another option is to find adoption centers specifically for a black Maine Coons cat. The rescue fee is typically around $150 for a kitten and $130 for adult main coons from 1-8 years old. This might be a good option if you are working on a budget but be cautious however since it may never be guaranteed that you will be getting a purebred Maine Coon.

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Black Maine Coon Cat Care

This cat needs optimum attention, exercise, diet, as well as frequent health checkups

Exercise and Attention

The black Maine Coon cat will thrive if they are provided tons of exercise and attention. You will find this cat following you everywhere you go, inside the house and around the yard. Main Coons love the attention given from human beings. Cat-friendly toys will also help in keeping this cat engaged and active. Just like with most cat breeds, 10 – 15 minutes of daily playtime will be enough for this cat. Additionally, you’ll be surprised to find the Maine Coon cat can play fetch like dogs, unlike any other cat breed. Such a trait and its nature give it the nickname “the dog of the cat’s world”.

Black Maine Coon Cat Diet

Just like every other Maine Coon cat, the black Maine Coon cat will do great with a high protein diet. However, when purchasing food for your cat, consider its age. For example, kittens will need food structured for young and growing cats, and adult Maine Coon cats will need food structured for their body size and energy levels. Other than that, you can decide whether or not you want to feed your cat a raw diet, dry food, or wet food. It all depends on your preference and how your cat reacts to either diet.

Just like every other Maine Coon cat, the black Maine Coon cat will do great with a high protein diet. However, when purchasing food for your cat, consider its age. For example, kittens will need food structured for young and growing cats, and adult Maine Coon cats will need food structured for their body size and energy levels. Other than that, you can decide whether or not you want to feed your cat a raw diet, dry food, or wet food. It all depends on your preference and how your cat reacts to either diet.

Maine Coon Grooming

With its medium-long hair, the black Maine Coon cat will need lots of grooming. Get a fine bristled brush that will remove mats and any loose hair on your cat’s coat. Regular brushing will be enough to reduce the rate of shedding. Brush the coat twice weekly for your cat to have a shiny coat.

Also, regular baths are not a must. If need be, only use a cat-specific shampoo. Using human shampoo may erode your cat’s skin normal flora, which may result in skin itchiness and flaking.

With its 30 teeth, the cat will need regular brushing. Remember to use a vet-approved toothbrush and toothpaste. And most of all, avoid human toothpaste.

Don’t forget the ears. The black Maine Coon cat has broad ears that will collect debris and foreign bodies. Thus, regular cleaning and checkup will be vital. However, avoid using Q-tips as they may injure your cat’s eardrums.

Similar to most cats, your black Main Coon cat will also need frequent trimming of their nails, as they can typically grow fairly thick and long nails. Check out my list of the 5 Best Cat Nail Clippers to pick one that can work for your Main Coon.

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Health Issues Related to Black Maine Coon Cats

Getting your cat from a reputable breeder (more on that below) will help minimize the instances of hereditary diseases. Some of the most common diseases related to black Main Coons are below:


It is typical to see Maine Coon owners overfeed their cats because they do not believe they are gaining weight fast enough. Main Coons are known to be slow growers, so always consult with your vet before making any changes to your cat’s diet. Obesity in cats is very prevalent, and most owners don’t even recognize their cat is overweight until they take them to the vet for another reason. Obesity can be caused by overfeeding or a lack of exercise and can lead to your cat having trouble breathing and walking, as well as making them unable to endure the heat.

Hip Dysplasia

Since these cats are known to be “heavy-boned”, they are more likely to deal with hip dysplasia, which is the deterioration of your cat’s hip joints.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Often known as the “silent killer”, this disease is when your cat’s heart can become too muscular and can lead to abnormalities with your cat’s heart rate. This is usually not life-threatening and can be dealt with by modifying your cat’s diet.

Vestibular Diseases

This disease is essentially known to cause dizziness and imbalance. Although it’s not fully understood why it occurs, ear infections in the middle and inner ear are known to be the causes.

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

This kidney disease is somewhat rarer, and your black Maine Coon cat may not see any noticeable symptoms until they are 7 years old. PKD is known to form cysts that can enlarge and push out your cat’s kidney, leading to reduced effectiveness. Since this disease is untreatable, it’s best you provide your cat with a diet focused on kidney health as soon as you notice any symptoms.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Leg muscles will typically weaken as your cat’s spinal neurons slowly die. Most indoor cats can however live just fine with this disease.

Regular vet visits yearly will be vital. As a cat owner, it is often difficult to diagnose and determine if your cat may be dealing with any underlying health issues. Ensure your cat’s vaccination schedule is up to date and make frequent visits to the vet to ensure your Main Coon is happy and healthy.

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Black Main Coon Cat Life Span

How long does a black Maine Coon cat live? These gentle giants are generally a very healthy breed. The average maine coon life expectancy can range from 10-13 years. Some of the major factors that can affect a cat’s life span are its diet, health care, and exercise.


We hope we’ve answered all your questions surrounding the black maine coon cat, from their color, to their personality to even some of the most common health conditions they might encounter. If you are thinking of getting a black Maine Coon cat, I think you are making a great decision. They are exotic looking cats that have a long-running history in the United States. With their awesome features and a great personality, these cats make a perfect family cat. They are loving and loyal pets, that will make your life exponentially better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Get A Black Maine Coon Cat?

From a Breeder – You can get a Maine coon cat from a reputable breeder. An ethical breeder will give you all the paperwork and the vaccination schedule for your cat. Avoid breeders who are pushy on selling you a particular cat. Also, avoid breeders who are avoiding clear cut questions. You should also look for reviews for previous buyers who have bought from a particular breeder.

Animal Shelter – You can also find a black Maine coon cat in an animal shelter. Getting your cat from this center is the better option as it is cheaper than purchasing from a breeder. Also, you’re allowing another cat to enjoy the love of a forever home like every other cat.

You can check at these places for your next black Maine Coon cat.

Can A Black Maine Coon Cat Change Color?

Yes, a black Maine coon cat can change color from black to rusty brown with time. The following two reasons below are usually the main reasons for this change:

The Sun – Even though the methodology is unclear, black cats, who spend most of their time in the sun, may have a bleached coat of fur with time.

Tyrosine Deficiency – Lack of tyrosine enzyme may make your black Maine coon cat change its color coloration. The enzyme tyrosine helps in the production of eumelanin. Eumelanin is the pigment that gives your black cat the black color pigmentation.

Are Maine Coons Hypoallergenic?

Maine Coon Cats are not hypoallergenic. The Maine Coon, similar to the bulk of domestic cats produce allergens that can cause allergies for certain people. If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic cat, you may want to look into the hairless Sphynx, the Russian Blue, or the Bengal.

Where can I find purebred Black Maine Coon Kittens?

Your best bet would be to find a registered cattery under TICA. This will ensure they are legitimate breeders and should be able to provide you papers upon purchase of their breed authenticity. 

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