13 Of The Vet-Approved Best Cat Nail Clippers in 2021

Best Cat Nail Clippers

Most cats need help keeping their claws tamed, and for that, you will need some of the best cat nail clippers or trimmers. You should always have a pair on hand when those nails get long since long nails can lead to you getting scratched up, damaged furniture and it can even cause your cat pain if it begins to dig into the pads.

When we evaluate clippers, some things we look for are ease and comfortability of use, the price point, durability as well as effectiveness. The best cat nail clippers for cats usually have a combination of all these characteristics. Some additional features that we like to see are hidden nail files, safety features to help avoid cutting too deep into your cats nail, as well as features that prevent children from hurting themselves. 

With the multitude of cat claw clippers on Amazon, there are too many options to choose from. Our comprehensive list will outline the best features of each, while ranking them based off our own experiences as cat owners. Let’s begin our best cat nail clippers review, and determine which are the best for your little kitty.

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1. BOSHEL Nail Clippers/Trimmer



13 Of The Vet-Approved Best Cat Nail Clippers in 2021
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Our number one pick is BOSHEL’s Cat Nail Clippers. They are high-quality clippers that are used by both groomers and professionals. They can help you continue to keep your cat’s nails under control.

This design is very convenient is one of the best for personal home use. If you just recently got your first kitty, these clippers may be the ones for you due to their ease of use. They have rubber inserts that make it easy to handle. The blades are very sharp and can easily trim your cat’s nails.

Another reason why this is our top pick is that it also comes with a nail file. The tool itself has a separate compartment where you can store the file for easy usage.

These clippers also include a safety feature so you don’t cut too much of your cat’s nail, and potentially hurt your cat. If you are a new cat owner, these are the clippers for you.



2. Shiny Pet Cat Nail Clippers



13 Of The Vet-Approved Best Cat Nail Clippers in 2021
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Our number two pick is the Shiny Pet Cat Nail Clippers. These are more of a scissor style clipper that offers a sharp-angled blade.

Just like the Boshel clippers mentioned above, they also have rubber handles that make the clipper very ergonomic and easy to use. The clippers come with a guide on how to properly go through your first cut.

I’ve personally tried these clippers and although I was skeptical at first since it wasn’t the plier type, boy was I wrong. They are easy to use, safe, and even made of 100% recycled plastic. They even come with a lifetime money-back guarantee.



3. JOFUYU Cat Nail Clippers



13 Of The Vet-Approved Best Cat Nail Clippers in 2021
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Number 3 on our list is the JOFUYU Cat Nail Clippers. We love these clippers since they are great for small cats and kittens. Again, these have rubber handles for easy usage.

The blades on these clippers are very sharp and have a curved shape with a large opening, so you can see exactly what you are cutting. For kittens, this is great since you can make sure you are not cutting too deep into those small nails.

The only knock on these clippers is that the handles may be too small for some people and can be uncomfortable. Other than that, I think these clippers are great for small cats and can help you make a very accurate cut.



4. PetiCare LED Light Pet Nail Clipper



13 Of The Vet-Approved Best Cat Nail Clippers in 2021
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Next on the list is the PetiCare LED Light Pet Nail Clipper. These clippers are different and stand out since they come with a nice bright LED light, so it’s easy to see and cut your cat’s nails.

One reason why we like these clippers is that they have a trapper that can catch your kitten’s nail clippings. Most other brands do not come with this feature and your left having to clean up a little mess.

The blades on this cut very nicely and stay sharp. This tool also comes with 2 AA batteries. These clippers, although very handy and nice come with a higher price tag – $20 vs. $13 or less for all the others mentioned.



5. Pet Republique Cat Nail Clippers



13 Of The Vet-Approved Best Cat Nail Clippers in 2021
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The next set of clippers on our list are the Pet Republique Cat Nail Clippers.

These are another one of the scissor-type clippers. Although they are not as sharp, they cut nails very well. They also have rubber handles making your cut easy and effortless.

These clippers made our top list because they are the most affordable. Additionally, a certain percentage of all sales is donated to the American Animal Rescue Society. These clippers get the job done without breaking the bank and even come with a two-year warranty.



6. Gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers and Trimmers



The Gonicc Dog & Cat Nail Clippers provide a pretty egonomic design, and has non slip handles that are strong, lightweight and also comfortable for you to use. The blades are made of stainless steel, and it even comes with a pretty cool safety feature. You are able to lock these clippers so children won’t end up hurting themselves. 

Along with the nail clippers, this product comes with a nail file that you can hide within the clippers that can help you polish your cat’s sharp nails. It also has a great safety stop feature, that will make sure you don’t cut too deep into your cats nail bed. It’s an interesting product because it can serve both dogs and cats, but from our experience, it can work just as well for both. 



7. CleanHouse Pets Dog and Cat Nail Clippers



The Cleanhouse Pets Nail Clippers are #7 on our list. They, similar to most of the brands mentioned above are made of professional grade stainless steel. These professional cat nail clippers are great because they can work with cats of all different sizes. 

They provide an ergonomic design that looks pretty cool, while still being very effective. Another great thing about this product is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. So if you ever do damage the clippers or it becomes less effective, you can reach out and get a brand new pair. 



8. Casfuy Cat Nail Grinder



Okay, well admit, these are a lot different than every cat nail trimmer we’ve reviewed thus far. However, although it is a bit on the pricier side, it is a great investment, especially if you own multiple cats. 

The Casfuy cat nail grinder is great for precision trimming. It has an advanced diamond drum that is able to provide safe and comfortable clipping of your cats nails. This is one of the few products that are vet-recommended cat nail clippers. 

The grinder comes with two different speed settings, as well as 3 grinding ports. The ports allow for you to adjust the setting to cut a small, medium or large cats nails. Many cats get stressed out when they hear the sound of a grinder, but this grinder is both super quiet and the vibration levels are low. 

This cordless grinder is rechargeable, and has an indicator when the battery is low. The grinder battery will typically last you anywhere from 2-3 hours. It is not only lightweight, but has a pretty ergonomic design so you as the owner are comfortable using it. If you are willing to dish out a few extra bucks on a tool that can make your life easier, this may be the cat nail clipper for you. 


9. JOEJOY Cat Nail Clippers and Grinder Set



The JOEJOY clippers are guillotine cat nail clippers that comes with an LED light. They are super sharp, with stainless steel blades and come with a built in nail collector to make cleanup a breeze. 

These clippers have a very cool design, as you able to switch out the heads to allow for grinding as well. It comes with three grinding ports, as well as an additional cover. This product is suitable for cats all of different sizes. One additional feature this grinder has is that it comes with an LED light. This will make trimming your cats nails so much easier. 

These clippers are also rechargeable, and can be fully charged within 2 hours and can last for as long as 3 hours. It comes with a charging cable as well. 


10. Epica #1 Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper



Rounding up our top 10 is the Epica #1 Best Professional Cat Nail Trimmer. Their design makes it very easy to provide a safe and effortless cut with their semi-circular blades. Due to it’s design, you can see exactly where you cats nail rests and it makes trimming so much easier. 

Similar to the many clippers reviewed, these blades are stainless steel and are super sharp. When you’re not using them. you have the ability to lock them closed. It has an ergonomic design that will make trimming your cats nails both easier for you as well as your cat. 


11. Gorilla Grip Premium Dog and Cat Nail Clipper



Just as the name suggests, the Gorilla Grip Premium Dog & Cat Nail Clippers provide you with a perfect grip to cut your cats nails. This companies claim to fame is that they provide a sturdy design and grip, when making it very ergonomic for your cat nail clipper endeavors. 

These clippers come with safety features to avoid cutting too deep into your cats nail bed. The one click slide lock ensures the blade is closed when you aren’t using it, and can keep your family safe. These clippers come at a very affordable price, and also come with a nail file. The file fits right into the handles of this cat nail clipper. 



12. Luccalily Cat Nail Clipper with Safety Guard


Luccalily’s Cat Nail Clippers make our list as one of the more affordable clippers with many features. These clippers similar to the many mentioned above include a built-in LED light to illuminate your cats nail and ensure you are not cutting it too close. It comes with a very cool safety design to avoid splashing of your cats nails.

The battery life of these things are awesome as well, as they can last you for up to one year. These clippers also come with a hidden nail file as well a free comb to help groom your cat after clipper their nails. 



13. NECO ICHI Necoichi Purrcision Cat Nail Clippers Stress-Free



Rounding up our top list are the NECO ICHI Cat Nail Clippers, which are crafted in Japan. Compared to traditional clippers, their blades are 30% thinner, making them razor sharp and easy to see your cats nail when cutting. 

The handles are extra cushioned as well, and allow you to cut your cats nails with ease and comfort. Compared to most cat nail clippers, these are definitely unique and come with a cool looking design. If you want to go the more untraditional route with cat nail clippers, these are the ones to get. 


best cat nail clippers
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Can you cut cat nails with human clippers?

The short answer is yes. You must make sure you are being extremely careful not to cut too deep into the cat’s nails. Cat nail clippers come at a very cheap price so it would be a good idea to invest in one and ensure you are not injuring your cat.


How long do cat nail caps last?

Typically, nail caps should last about 6 weeks for the typical adult cat. After 6 weeks, the cat’s nails will grow out and the caps will naturally come off.


Cost to remove cat ingrown nail?

For the average cat, the cost to remove an ingrown nail can be anywhere from $50-$150.


Cat nail bleeding?

Cutting too deep into your cat’s nail or even tearing a nail is very unpleasant for a cat. The toenail may bleed for some time but will eventually stop. If the bleeding doesn’t stop after an hour or two, it may be time to go see a vet.


Cat nail anatomy?

To learn more about the anatomy of the cat paw, click here.


Cat nail infection black?

If you find your cat’s nail has a black color to it, it may be discharged which could indicate an infection that can be fungus or bacteria. It’s best you go see a vet to make sure it does not get worse.

Best Cat Nail Clippers
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