The Applehead Siamese Cat – 5 Weird But Unique Facts

applehead siamese cat

Applehead siamese cats are a unique cat breed; they easily stand out with their round-shaped faces which look like apples. Some people refer to them as an oriental breed because they originate from Thailand and Southeast Asia. They are one of the most popular Siamese breeds in the world and can be a great choice if you are looking for a friendly and affectionate feline pal. If you want to know more about this amazing cat breed, just relax and read on. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about applehead siamese cats.

applehead siamese cat
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What Exactly Are They?

Applehead siamese are domestic cats imported from Siam, that have a rounded apple-shaped head and a heavy muscular body. They have broad ears, long legs, and short tails. Their coats are short and silky and can come in various colors, such as applehead seal point siamese and blue point applehead siamese.

The Origin of Applehead Siamese Cats

They have a long, rich history. In ancient times, this cat was highly respected because they were believed to have incredible wisdom, mystical abilities, and great intelligence. History has it that they were originated in Siam, also known as modern-day Thailand. Because of their lovely, charming, and affectionate nature, they were the choice cats of the royal family. Siamese applehead cats are not only friendly with their owner, but they love to play with children and other pets.

Physical Characteristics of Applehead Siamese Cats

These cats are not only social with their owner, but they also love to play with children and other pets. It may surprise you that applehead siamese cats are friendly to other cats, cat-friendly dogs, and even strangers. They are known for their blue eyes, high intelligence, and elegant look.

They have the original dark brown-black points like other traditional species. They have bigger bones and muscular bodies that can weigh up to 18 pounds. Almost all siamese cat applehead have similar colors of coat, which is cold blue-white and warm beige.

The Applehead Siamese Cat - 5 Weird But Unique Facts
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Applehead Siamese Personality

Apple head Siamese cats are beautiful and highly intelligent. They are attention seekers who love to do lots of fun things in front of their owners to get attention. These cats are very active but not as vocal as the modern siamese.

They are a curious creature who wants to know everyone and everything. They enjoy human company and are easily depressed when left alone for an extended period of time. They like to sit on their owner’s laps when they are not playing, often sleeping close to their owners at night, and also enjoy toys that stimulate their brain.

The differences between Applehead Siamese & Modern Siamese

Applehead siamese cats differ from the modern siamese in both character and appearance. They do not show standards, but they are very popular domestic cats. Their body is less slender and their head is not angular but more rounded and stocky. In terms of personality, This apple head cat is as affectionate and intelligent as the modern Siamese, but less vocal.

Applehead siamese cats (also known as wedgehead siamese) are larger and bulkier than modern siamese cats, their head is more rounded and less pronounced, hence the name “applehead,” and their ears tend to be smaller than modern siamese cats.

The Applehead Siamese Cat - 5 Weird But Unique Facts
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Applehead Siamese Cat Price

Applehead siamese cats come in less variety under the siamese cat breed. They may be pedigree, but will not be appreciated at exhibitions. The price of a wedgehead kitten is $800-1500 depends on some factors, such as the pedigree, cat health, and the breeder reputation.

You may likely find cheaper kittens, but be aware that the breeds can be mixed, with a siamese parent and a parent of another breed. This may be okay for you, but make sure you are aware of this information so you don’t assume you are getting a pure-bred applehead siamese for a cheap price.

Important Facts about Applehead Siamese Cats

The International Cat Association registers applehead siamese as a Thai breed. And in Thailand, they are called the Wichianmat, and in Europe, they are generally referred to as the Old-Style Siamese. The best way to distinguish between the applehead siamese and the modern siamese cats is to see them as two separate breeds.

Applehead siamese cat personality doesn’t usually depend on sex. Both female and male siamese cats have similar personality traits, with courage being the only exception. Female applehead siamese cats are outgoing and more courageous than the male applehead siamese cats.

Applehead Siamese Cat Grooming

This cat breed has a silky soft coat with a thin undercoat that is easy to keep clean with a quick weekly brush. Grooming them is not challenging, as they don’t shed much, and brushing their coat once a week is enough to keep them clean.

apple head siamese
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Applehead Siamese Health

The wedge head siamese cat is a healthy cat breed, but just like any siamese they are prone to various diseases and have congenital diseases. Gastrointestinal disease small bowel adenocarcinoma can cause weight loss and vomiting.

Males are more likely to develop this disease than females. Therefore, it is always a good idea to talk with your breeder and request more information about the cat parents and obtain any test history they may have.

Are Applehead Siamese Cats Good for Families?

They are friendly breeds; they love being part of the family and enjoy playing and socializing with both young children and adults. This wedge head cat always has a strong emotional connection with all members of the family, but they often choose one person to whom they entrust their heart.

They are curious and like to seek attention. They are excellent companions for kids. Also, they are intelligent, easy to train, and can get along well with other cats and cat-friendly dogs.

The Applehead Siamese Cat - 5 Weird But Unique Facts
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As you can see, applehead siamese cats are adorable, loyal, and affectionate cats. So, if you are looking for a loving and unique looking cat breed with a muscular body and round face, this cat maybe may be the best choice for you. They will shower you with love and affection, and the more time you spend with them, the more you will be rewarded with their love.

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applehead siamese cat
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